Sealed Air

Project Overview: How Sealed Air uses ImpactECS

By replicating their existing SAP costing in ImpactECS, Sealed Air was able to establish an end-to-end cost modeling tool with unlimited scenario analysis capabilities.  The addition of ImpactECS gave the company access to:
– Standard costs calculated at pure cost level and mixed cost levels to reflect SAP costing logic

– Integrated budgeting and rate building model with product costing for a fully integrated what-if environment

– Forecasts for labor and materials for any volume scenario

– Simulated cost results by adjusting any data point (i.e. resin proces, BOM component changes, alternate routes, alternate bills-of-materials, overhead rates, and more)

– Inter-company goods transfer and subcontracting costing with global unit-of-measure and currency conversion

– Scenario comparison and aggregation reporting