What’s the Future of Acorn Systems?

crackedacornDo you want a company that specializes in content delivery and video communications to run your cost and profitability system?

If you’re an Acorn Systems customer, that’s what is happening to you!

Acorn Systems was recently acquired by Ignite Technologies – and the future of the cost and profitability solution is unclear. Your decision to invest in Acorn’s solution shows that you understand the strategic advantage of a detailed cost and profitability system, so maybe it’s time to look into a more robust solution.

The ImpactECS Cost and Profitability Management Platform is the only independent software product focused solely on cost and profitability management. Its flexible and dynamic platform gives you the tools to develop detailed and unique cost and profit models that meet your specific business requirements.

So, what’s the difference between Acorn Systems’ Performance Analyzer and ImpactECS?

They’re both business modeling tools that have a built in calculation engine – but that’s where the similarities end. ImpactECS is a robust cost and profitability platform designed to handle complex and challenging modeling requirements. The chart below describes many of the advanced capabilities of ImpactECS.

Capability Acorn Systems
Performance Analyzer
Business modeling tools
Powerful calculation engine
Support for Activity-Based Costing and Time Driven Activity Based Costing
Highly scalable
Flexible and robust security
Works with both Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases
Client-Server and Web interfaces
Access external data without the need to import into the model
Partial, full or selected cost object calculations
Script and SQL query of objects
Email notifications
Infinitely flexible Cost Object structure
Definable, physical and visible Cost Objects
Calculations written in plain English
Dynamic Cost Object grids that allow sorting, filtering, and copy/paste without exporting to Microsoft Excel
Robust data entry capabilities for use when automated data sources are unavailable
Support for large and complex BOMs
Customizable interfaces by user role
Customizable workflow by user role or business process
Sandbox environment with one-step simulation capabilities


We’re ready to show you how you can expand your cost and profitability capabilities with ImpactECS. Get in touch with us at sales@3csoftware.com or 800-226-2036 to learn more.


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