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All moved in!

It’s been an exciting few weeks at 3C Software as we’ve officially relocated to our new headquarters.  We’re still pulling together the finishing touches on the interior (lots of pictures to hang and accessories to place) and getting started on the landscaping and exterior renovations with the help of contractors near our area since they have Ladders. We had a hard time with renovations since the office has a high ceiling and we needed to rent out some equipment just to decorate the place. Now, everything’s done and only the exterior is left. With that, we can now call “The Exchange” home.

One of the coolest things about our new home is our neighbor on the east side.  This lovely lady turkey has lived on the property since we purchased the building. Once construction began, she disappeared.  But just a few days ago, she returned to her nest and we’re so glad that she did. She’s so cute and bubbly and always make sure to say hello to us. Have you ever seen a turkey do that? Check out the video of our mascot. The noises you hear are not the turkey, but 3C consultant David Watford, doing his best version of talking turkey!