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Empower your Business-Enabled Data Analytics With PAML Technologies

An intelligence enterprise is a company that understands their customers and delivers customer-specific outcomes using data and technology, like predictive analytics and machine learning (PAML). These technologies are advanced enough for standardization. We can now model common business problems at high enough levels of abstraction that they can be used as starting points for a wide […]

Leveraging Modeling and Analytics for a Competitive Edge

Organizations are increasingly turning to predictive analytics and modeling to help drive their businesses and execute on strategic objectives. These organizations are applying analytics in diverse functions; including financial, operational, risk management, and customer relations. There is a broad spectrum of analytical tools that business leaders can use to drive competitive advantage; including artificial intelligence, […]

Embedding Purpose in Your Strategy

“While the benefits of purpose on corporate performance are starting to be recognized by both business leaders and academics, very little evidence exists about how purpose can be effectively and practically embedded into decision making and strategy execution. We suggest that if performance management and measurement systems are well-designed, management accountants can use them as […]

It’s No Surprise That Spreadsheet Reporting is Bad for Business

In the era of big data analytics and digital transformation, more companies are realizing the value and importance of data analytics in every area of their business. With that said, many finance leaders find themselves unable to successfully navigate this transformation because they are using outdated tools to try to visualize and analyze their data. […]

How to Overcome Analysis Paralysis

Analysis paralysis can be a big problem for executives who are not digitally proficient and able to use intelligent technologies to differentiate themselves from competitors. Trying to navigate the digital disruptions affecting every industry, company, and line of business is next to impossible for companies experiencing this paralysis. The cure for such paralysis is a […]

Why Intelligent Drivers Are Necessary in FP&A

“Intelligent drivers” are measurable business activities that directly link strategy to the organization’s short- and long-term goals. Business process goals and operational activities do not always line up with the organizational structure. Some have a one-to-one relationship, but others may go across multiple departments. Defining intelligent drivers may well lead to rethinking the way budgets […]

Proprietary Software Solutions Are Helping Companies Dominate

Industry leaders are leveraging enterprise technology that enables the business to be more productive, profitable and innovative. The largest firms in the industry are capturing a greater share of the market then they used to, and research links this trend to software. Leveraging proprietary software pairs with other strengths to form competitive advantage is becoming […]

The Next Generation of Data Intelligence

Business leaders want the ability to access their data analytics at any moment to help them make critical business decisions. To accomplish this, they must refocus their data management and analytics technologies to provide their workforce with accessible and defined data that enables them to manipulate and exchange data among multiple applications for detailed views […]

Will Your Finance Systems Be Obsolete in 2019?

“Implementing ERP like it’s 1999 didn’t work then — and it’s definitely not working now.” Too many companies have jumped blindly into their ERP implementations without a clear plan or organization. Traditional ERP implementations will continue to fade in 2019. More forward-leaning organizations are finding success focusing on true digital transformations. Instead of assuming that a […]