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The Total Cost of Effective Budgeting and Forecasting

Plans, budgets, and forecasts can be some of the most valuable contributions that finance makes to the business. Ideally, they help organizations know what’s coming down the road and remain agile enough to respond to uncertainty and to keep the business moving forward. The goal of these processes is to produce planning, budgeting, and forecasting […]

Why an Outcome-Driven Enterprise Data Strategy is Critical for Decision Making

A digital business cannot be successful without the processes to manage data and gain insightful analytics form it. Some processes can be automated via business rules, while others require manual input. Whatever the approach, it’s important that data management processes are as simple, automated, and designed according to standards specific to the organization. Data life-cycle […]

Achieve Business Process Optimization with End-to-End Visibility

Many businesses have found that their existing business processes have simply outlived the intended reason for which they were initially designed. Once business leaders realize the way they are doing business is not effective or profitable, they seek ways to improve and optimize their existing processes. This search for workflow optimization is prompted by a […]

Effective Cost Transformation Requires Buy-In From the C-Suite

Cost management is no longer simply a way for companies to improve margins and save money. Finance leaders are now using cost reduction as a powerful lever for digital transformation and to gain better insight into their business. Often times, CEOs delegate responsibility for cost reduction efforts to other leaders within the business. This hands-off […]

Modern Technologies Are Critical for The Success of Midsize Businesses

Businesses that are not making digital transformation a priority have a much greater risk of going out of business in the next decade than those that are. Why? Successful digital transformation allows businesses to operate with a level of agility necessary to adapt to a marketplace that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. The […]

Simulation Capabilities Are Giving Manufacturers A Major Advantage

Simulation capabilities are being used by manufacturers everywhere to help decision makers understand what has happened or will happen in the future of their business. In the case of additive manufacturing, simulating the material properties and the processes embedded in devices, helps OEMs guarantee that they have the right combination of material and settings to […]

Life Hacks For the “Next-Gen” CFO

To be a real strategic partner to the business, modern CFOs must embrace new technologies and tools available to them that can give them a major analytical boost. Business intelligence has become a necessary tool that helps businesses organize, analyze, and contextualize the information they collect. BI takes financial and operational data to produce integrated […]

How Successful Growing Businesses Are Making Profitable Decisions

“The core of every growing business is an ability to adapt to a world of new opportunities and disruptive risks. Every shift – from detecting the need for change to determining the best move forward – should be informed by data from both inside and outside the organization.” As midsize companies continue to adapt and […]

IT and Finance Collaboration is the Key to Unlocking Powerful Business Analytics

Business leaders aim to make decisions faster and more accurately through automation and predictive modeling. Tools, technological innovation, and increasingly powerful business insights are readily available everywhere. However, a business only gets out of their technologies what the tool is actually capable of giving them. Decision makers must choose a platform that best fits their […]