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How Manufacturers Can Leverage Their Data For Actionable Insights

“Manufacturers have a huge opportunity to benefit from data-based insights. Those that are able to analyze and leverage data will be able to make better decisions that propel their organizations to success in a highly competitive climate.” According to a recent manufacturing technology survey, the use of analytics and data is expected to grow over […]

How Federal CFOs Can Drive Cost Transparency

CFO’s across government agencies are encountering challenges when establishing effective cost management and accounting practices because of complex issues rooted in data, systems, processes, and/or organizational structure. The need for more cost transparency stem from an increasing need to link strategic objectives to the budget, cost of programs and services, and performance measures. CFOs looking […]

Growing Confidence in Decision Making With a Single Source of the Truth

By leveraging advanced analytics from next-generation technologies, executives no longer have to wonder if they data they are using to make vital business decisions is accurate. For CFOs and financial teams, then, advocating for their business’s transformation into an intelligent enterprise should be a top priority. Advanced technologies use sophisticated mathematical algorithms and high-speed computing […]

Advanced Technology Platforms Are Driving Finance Transformation

“Historically, ERP systems were implemented every 5 to 10 years and upgrades were made every year or so. With digital transformation, multiple software platforms interact with each other and constantly change the environment, the spend, and the ROI.” – Chris Stephenson, Business Consulting Principal at Grant Thornton CFOs need to find a way to reduce costs […]

A Modern Data Analytics Platform Can Save Your Business From Extinction

 “IDC recently made a bold prediction: 75% of organizations will become completely digitally transformed by 2027, and the rest will go out of business. Why? Successful digital transformation allows businesses to operate with a level of agility necessary to adapt to a marketplace that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.” Increasingly, the growth of midsize […]

Are You Relying on The Best Tools to Make Important Business Decisions?

Business leaders need an advanced tool to gain important insights into their business. However, implementing a new technology is only part of the solution, rather than the complete answer to their business challenges. When applying a new technology tool, it is important to integrate it with their organization’s business processes and data management so they […]

New Priorities in the Consumer Goods Marketplace

Consumers have completely changed the way they shop, and it is up to the consumer goods industry to adapt. Today’s consumers expect their consumer goods brands to provide the products, services, and experiences that meet their individual needs at just the right moment. However, the traditional operating models simply weren’t designed for this level of […]

Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise: What’s the Rush?

The buzz about intelligent technologies is getting louder, and every day we see proof of how these technologies are dictation the future success of every business. In most cases, industry experts warn that companies will wither without advancing data-driven automation and decision-making. In its “Technology Vision 2018” report, Accenture observes, “Businesses depend on technology-based partnerships […]

Achieving an Agile Business in Two Steps

Finance leaders strive to simplify their business planning and amplify the transfer of knowledge across the organization. The business market rewards agility, while it punishes companies that are too slow and myopic to see what’s coming and to act before they suffer serious consequences. In an era where tomorrow may not look anything like today, […]