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CFO Journal: CFOs Target FP&A, Analytics for Improvement

“Among core finance functions, 63% of CFOs cited FP&A as the one they would most like to improve. Perhaps because of the increased demand on FP&A teams during the pandemic—from providing robust scenario modeling to monitoring and maximizing key priorities such as cash flow and liquidity—CFOs may have gained a clearer vision of how they’d […]

McKinsey: Solving the digital and analytics scale-up challenge in consumer goods

“In the early days of digital and analytics transformations, companies prioritized individual use cases, largely in the commercial functions, based on feasibility and impact. To support the highest-priority use cases, companies then established a set of broad-based enablers—for instance, a data lake, a technology stack, and a technical organization that housed all newer talent profiles, […]

CFO Dive: Data analytics, RPA top list of 2021 digital priorities, survey finds

“CFOs should primarily focus on identifying the investments that will drive positive business outcomes and enhance employee performance within new hybrid working models, the researchers wrote. CFOs will also need to reassess how they measure business performance while also encouraging new business models that support digital growth.” Read More at CFO Dive >

SF Magazine: Considerations in Data Analytics Problem Structuring

There are three key elements that should be in place before kicking off a data analytics project – understand the real need, understand the users, and understand the problem complexity. Read more at SF Magazine >

SF Magazine: A Data-Driven Approach to the Pandemic

“It has never been more urgent for businesses to adopt data analytics. Insights from data analytics are required to surpass, or, in some instances, merely remain on par with, competitors. Companies leveraging data analytics in response to the pandemic have already progressed along the path to digitization by establishing a data ecosystem—the infrastructure, applications, and […]

WSJ: Anticipate, Test ‘What If’ Scenarios With Analytics

“As organizations navigate the many issues they’ve had to address in recent months, some may be capturing and documenting their decisions and actions so the information can be leveraged as part of future continuity planning. Indeed, the insights gained through the pandemic can be helpful in preparing for other events or scenarios, whether in isolation […]

Modeling Through the Current Crisis

“Creating financial and operating models is critical to creating alignment across the enterprise, and FP&A professionals are making numerous scenarios to understand actions, impacts and options. FP&A professionals have a sober view of the duration of this crisis, with 66% creating financial models that assume the crisis will last for three quarters or more. This […]

CFOs Need Models to Understand How Shifting Customer Needs Affects Resources

“One of the quirks of the downturn in retail has been an increase in shirt sales while pant sales have dropped, presumably because people participating in video conferences while working from home are paying more attention to their appearance from the waist up. Whatever the reason behind the trend, CFOs can model that kind of […]

How CEOs Can Lead a Data-Driven Culture

“In companies with strong data cultures, important decisions are informed by data and analytics and executives act on analytically derived insights rather than intuition or experience. While digital-native companies like Amazon and Alibaba have strong digital cultures, many traditional companies are struggling to make progress. That’s mostly because few undertake initiatives directly aimed at achieving […]