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Modeling Through the Current Crisis

“Creating financial and operating models is critical to creating alignment across the enterprise, and FP&A professionals are making numerous scenarios to understand actions, impacts and options. FP&A professionals have a sober view of the duration of this crisis, with 66% creating financial models that assume the crisis will last for three quarters or more. This […]

CFOs Need Models to Understand How Shifting Customer Needs Affects Resources

“One of the quirks of the downturn in retail has been an increase in shirt sales while pant sales have dropped, presumably because people participating in video conferences while working from home are paying more attention to their appearance from the waist up. Whatever the reason behind the trend, CFOs can model that kind of […]

How CEOs Can Lead a Data-Driven Culture

“In companies with strong data cultures, important decisions are informed by data and analytics and executives act on analytically derived insights rather than intuition or experience. While digital-native companies like Amazon and Alibaba have strong digital cultures, many traditional companies are struggling to make progress. That’s mostly because few undertake initiatives directly aimed at achieving […]

The Relationship Between Accounting and FP&A

Many people in the finance and accounting industries would agree that accountants know finance, but not all finance personnel understand accounting. Granted, both functions have different skill sets and responsibilities. It may be an oversimplification, but accounting departments are focused on what has happened, whereas FP&A uses the information provided by the accounting department to […]

When You Have Too Much Tech

Surveys show CFOs generally see the need to incorporate technology to help them improve their finance and accounting functions. But knowing which technology is right for their operations and which isn’t — and also when the time is right — is the “opportunity and the curse,” says Bryan Lapidus, FP&A, director of the FP&A practice […]

2020 CFO Priorities Includes Integrated Insights

A recent survey from CFO Magazine and Duke University Fuqua School of Business identifies four priorities for CFOs with “Move from Disconnected Spreadsheets to Integrated Insights” topping the list. Finance teams need tools to understand the interdependencies of the decisions made without spending 2.24 hours per day on average sifting through spreadsheets. Read more at […]

Gartner’s Top Five CFO Initiatives for $1B+ Companies

The recent Gartner for Finance survey shares the top five initiatives CFOs of $1B+ companies are prioritizing in 2020: Finance analytics, Finance organization strategy and structure, Finance technology optimization, Growth investments, and Cost structure. Digging deeper into finance analytics, survey respondents felt that insufficient skills for advanced analytics was their top challenge. Read the Garther […]

Analytics = Preparedness

Is your organization ready for a downturn? “In today’s analytics landscape, details are less important than trends. A trend line allows prediction and, ultimately, the foresight to act. Analysts must be coached to assign confidence to a trend line and recommend action early. One might posit that a timid analyst with a modern-day toolset is […]

AFPs Eight Steps to Rolling Forecasts

With more organizations shifting from traditional budgeting to rolling forecasts, The Association for Financial Professionals has shared their list of 8 steps to help finance teams avoid missteps at every stage from goal setting to tracking performance. Read the 8 Steps for Creating a Rolling Forecast >