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Data Is the Foundation for Any Successful Business Transformation

 “Business transformation has emerged as one of the most critical endeavors in today’s enterprise. When done properly, it can ensure the livelihood of a business for the foreseeable future. Done wrong, business transformation can leave an enterprise in even worse shape than before, facing the prospect of having to spend big to fix it.” Most […]

What Sets Modern Finance Teams Apart from The Competition?

What sets modern finance teams apart from their competition? The short answer: their cost management methodology. “Using cost management as a strategic lever, as opposed to a defensive response, creates new opportunities. It is no longer a reactive tool. It is a proactive way to become more competitive in the global environment.” Modern finance leaders […]

Smart Automation: The Framework for Dynamic Digital Operations

The Hackett Group defines smart automation as “the optimization of structured work, knowledge work, and interaction work through the adoption of emerging robotic process automation (RPA), smart data capture, conversational interfaces, cognitive automation, and agile orchestration technologies.” For finance, this means applying new technologies to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and user/customer experience, while providing operational insights. Because […]

Cost Management Isn’t Only About Costs

“Not long ago, companies thought cost management was about reducing expenses. The notion then evolved and was viewed as a way to manage costs while also driving growth. Now, cost management is advancing further. Business leaders see it as a strategic initiative that is part of a larger transformation process.” Modern businesses’ focus on cost […]

Digital Technologies Are Re-Imagining Financial Reporting Capabilities

Many finance leaders see their reporting practices as a monotonous task that requires many charts and spreadsheets that show several different versions of how the business is performing. A Deloitte survey reported that the majority of finance leaders spend almost half of their time creating and updating reports, and only 18% communicating results to the […]

How Agile Technology Drives Supply Chain Innovation

Change and uncertainty are inevitable in manufacturing. While effective production planning can support manufacturing processes, there will always be uncontrollable factors that are difficult to manage. Manufacturers are dealing with an increased pressure to meet customer demands quicker and more cost-effectively. Visibility of where manufacturers are within the production process is a key driver and […]

Three Ways CFOs Can Be a Catalyst For Change

Largely driven by advancements in technology, today’s corporate finance leaders are expected to work more collaboratively with functional areas in their companies and are well-positioned to positively support enterprise-wide performance and strategy. In order to influence business outcomes, CFOs need to be a catalyst for change by playing a much bigger role in shaping corporate […]

Four Traits of Effective Finance Leaders

“CFOs are expected to wear many hats: Strategic partner, relationship builder, change agent and technology champion. But ultimately, a CFO’s top priority is to ensure sustained financial performance for the organization.” CFOs are under increasing pressure to do it all. To become more effective in their position, they must align their efforts with their organizations’ highest priorities […]

Re-imagine the Finance Function with Intelligent Technology

The CFO’s role is evolving, and intelligent technology is helping them work more efficiently and add greater value to the businesses. Intelligent technologies are no longer just a “nice to have” pipe dream; they’re a business reality that is changing how organizations function. Through an intelligent finance operating model, CFOs can help transform the finance […]