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Boost Finance Agility with Modern Technology

“The relentless introduction of new technologies and innovative business models has accelerated the velocity of change in the business environment. To survive and thrive, companies must be attuned to shifts in market conditions and ready to make decisions fast – and implement them quickly – to alleviate their impact.” According to The Hackett Group, there […]

The Path to Manufacturing Innovation is Paved With Exponential Technologies

“The velocity of technology advancement, especially for the manufacturing industry, is exponential.” Exponential technologies provide the scalability that modern businesses often lack with their legacy technologies and outdated practices. Industrial manufacturers are focusing on these technologies as a foundational approach to innovation across both products and processes. In this era of rapidly accelerating transformation, organizations […]

Intelligent Scenario Planning with Advanced Analytics

Nobody understands Robert Burns’ quote, “The best laid plans often go awry,” like modern business leaders. When it comes to financial planning, finance teams need the ability to assess and adjust plans when they go off course. Intelligent planning starts with analysis of past results to help determine where is business is going, and measure […]

Success is Utilizing the Right Data – Not Just Owning It

“No matter how much data is fed to machine learning and predictive analytics tools, the key is deciding which outputs are useful and how to act on them.” When it comes to implementing new technologies, many businesses go through what Gartner calls a “hype cycle”- where the initial implementation is a period of inflated expectations […]

The Power of Cost Transparency

“The effectiveness of cost information is driven less by the cost method chosen, and more by the design and implementation of the cost allocation model used to support that method.” While many businesses effectively analyze their revenue based on products, services, and customers, they often lack meaningful insight into their costs and profits. Companies with a […]

Better Business Decisions Come From Effective Data Visualization

Data visualization can greatly improve finance’s ability to view how the business is performing by providing access to key metrics, KPIs, forecasts, and other critical information that can aid decision-making and help each function chart effective courses of action. However, those goals depend heavily on quality data. Thanks to an expanding array of analytics tools […]

Meeting Customer Demand with Integrated Manufacturing Visibility

Today’s customers demand high-quality, individualized products and faster delivery. When it comes to the manufacturing function, manual processes and isolated information silos make meeting these demands increasingly difficult. What’s needed are connected manufacturing processes that are integrated across the entire product life-cycle to break down silos and provide visibility across the phases of design, planning, […]

Turn Strategy into Actionable Plans with Next-Level FP&A

“Few processes within the purview of a CFO have so much potential to create—or destroy—business value than FP&A” A recent study from the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) found that in general, top performing organizations take a more rigorous and integrated approach to their FP&A practices by relying on businesses insights to drive results, not […]

The Pivotal Role of the CIO in Digital Transformation

Businesses around the world are under intense pressure to invest in transformative technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and cloud that will help them compete effectively in a world increasingly defined by digital innovation and disruption. This unique situation requires chief information officers (CIOs) to play a larger role in shaping and executing business strategy. […]