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Data-Driven Analytics for Financial Services

Data-driven analytics are key to the current and future competitiveness of financial service companies. By capturing and leveraging massive volumes of data, financial services companies can capitalize on new data-driven business opportunities. The first step toward realizing this goal is a solid data management foundation that supports the analysis of both enterprise data and Big Data. Once this […]

[Infographic] Broken Promises: Is it Time to Break Up With Your Analytics Tool?

Many ERP and business process vendors claim to offer analytics tools that can provide advanced business insights and actionable information. However, one shortcoming of most business analytics programs is the inability to fully integrate data systems from across the company for dependable insights. If your analytics platform is not measuring up to your expectations, this […]

Facilitating Powerful Analytics in a Data-Driven Culture

Demand for advanced analytics is increasing, and so is the expectation that management accountants will perform the analytics. Finance leaders want a data-driven culture to maximize the value of data through analytics. Specifically, they aim to make business decisions faster and more accurately through automation and predictive modeling. Trust in data analytics is the foundation […]

How Drill-Down Capabilities Can Increase Customer Retention

A world market leader of power tools and accessories manufacturing launches hundreds of new products each year across various brands. Until recently, the company relied on a traditional manufacturing process. Product teams worked with end users to identify needs and then build features around these needs to roll out around the world. However, they lacked […]

Navigating the Path to Modern ERP Solutions for Midsize Companies

How do you choose the right ERP technology that will scale with your business operations and help you get ready for the future? It’s all about flexibility, speed, agility, and focus. ERP software comes with an endless array of formats, environments, interfaces, and capabilities. However, knowing which offering to implement is still a challenge. As […]

You Need More Than an ERP Add-On for Analytics

Most ERP vendors offer tools that can accelerate analytics, such as bolt-on applications that speed up the extraction of data and analytics. These tools might shave a few minutes from reporting or help speed up the financial close, but they do little to reduce or simplify your ERP data models. The problem is that most […]

The Evolution of the Finance Function in 2019

A shift in the finance function has occurred due to more and more businesses adopting dynamic finance analytics technologies. For finance professionals, the new model will focus less on accounting skills and more on data analysis, financial modeling, and communications expertise. That will result in a much more dynamic workforce, with analysis, interpretive skills, and […]

Retailers Must Prepare for the Next-Generation of Customers

“The changing landscape across today’s retail and consumer industries has resulted in a rapid rise of emerging technologies, especially when it comes to automation and artificial intelligence. Retail is one of the sectors to already implement and invest in cognitive and AI technologies, resulting in new and unexpected offerings for consumers and shoppers around the […]

Large Businesses Still Need to Scout New Technologies

While scouting out new technologies is important, it often takes up so much time for business leaders that they end up going back to their current systems. If a company is serious about responding quickly to the ways customer behaviors are changing, the startups that are gaining momentum in its industry, and the new technologies […]