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SF Magazine: Managing International Operations in Uncertain Times

“It’s also evident that foreign currency exchange rates, interest rates, and inflation inherently carry an element of uncertainty and volatility, which represents risks that financial professionals must manage in order to better forecast, monitor, and control the performance of their organization’s international business operations.” Read More at SF Magazine >

CFO Journal: Medtronic CFO: The Role of Finance in Crisis Response

Finance plays a crucial role. Along with the CEO and our business unit leaders, our global finance organization is a strategic partner in developing and ensuring strong execution against our longer-term strategy. Strategy needs to be tied closely to investments, financial planning, and forecasting, so our finance teams have a natural connection to strategic planning […]

Making Better Decisions is Both Art and Science

“External factors will always have an impact, and this includes luck, as good and bad fortune can clearly be influential in determining success or failure. But a sound internal approach to decision-making will insulate the business from this, while also mitigating the stress attached to making decisions.” Read more at CFO.com >

AFPs Eight Steps to Rolling Forecasts

With more organizations shifting from traditional budgeting to rolling forecasts, The Association for Financial Professionals has shared their list of 8 steps to help finance teams avoid missteps at every stage from goal setting to tracking performance. Read the 8 Steps for Creating a Rolling Forecast >

CFO Trends for 2020

CFO Dive shares it’s list of five trends for CFOs to watch in 2020, including the insight that more finance operations will move to a rolling forecast. By enacting this trend, it creates a “rolling time horizon [that] enables executives to make decisions based on market dynamics rather than an artificial target”. Read CFO Dive […]

The Total Cost of Effective Budgeting and Forecasting

Plans, budgets, and forecasts can be some of the most valuable contributions that finance makes to the business. Ideally, they help organizations know what’s coming down the road and remain agile enough to respond to uncertainty and to keep the business moving forward. The goal of these processes is to produce planning, budgeting, and forecasting […]

Bottom-Up Forecasting Can Enhance Your Top-Line Predictions

Financial projections are a fundamental component of the business plan and are important for many reasons. When it comes to developing financial projections, there are two options: top-down and bottom up. The more strategic option is bottom up forecasting, which is where the sales revenue estimates of each product or product line are combined to […]

Are budgets obsolete?

There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t talk about budgeting with our customers and prospects.  And as you would expect, every one of those companies has a different perspectives on the importance of budgets and how to effectively manage them.  In CFO Magazine, Russ Banham’s article Let It Roll challenges the effectiveness […]

What does it cost us to produce this product?

Sound familiar?  This question is asked countless times by a variety of people inside a business – operations accounting, plant accounting, sales and marketing, and even research and development.  In most cases the answer is given as one general cost number derived from a universal standard rate and unit of measure within the business.  My clients with […]