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Accounting Today: Now What? Bridge the Gap in Financial Planning and Analysis

“Transformation is no longer just “nice to have.” Business leaders must be able to rely on the validity, trustworthiness and relevance of the data used to analyze and report on end-to-end planning, budgeting and forecasting processes. The cost of continuing business as usual is duplication of the efforts, fragmented systems that take lots of people […]

CFO Dive: Making FP&A More Business Relevant

“..The goal is simple: to arm CFOs with more relevant and actionable analyses so they can be better partners to the other executives.” Read More at CFO Dive >

CFO Dive: Data Is a Differentiator, But Much of it Is Wrong

“The good news is the growing recognition that fast access to real-time and accurate financial data is a strategic imperative. More than one-third of the executives (34%) are considering implementing or scaling automation solutions to increase the reliability and accuracy of their data, while 42% are becoming more focused on scenario planning and stress testing.” Read More […]

CFO Dive: Only 5% of CFOs Have ‘Future-Ready’ Operations: Survey

“For 27% of finance leaders, the necessary data is trapped across systems or organized manually in spreadsheets, which prevents them from drawing insights and value.” Read More at CFO Dive >

CFO Dive: Only 20% of CFOs can forecast revenue, earnings beyond a year: survey

“CFOs will push up IT spending worldwide by 6.2% this year to a record $3.92 trillion, according to Gartner, as they accelerate their pre-pandemic plans for digital transformation by at least five years. Given the disruption from the coronavirus, “this is the perfect time to actually start the transformation,” Ajmera told CFO Dive. “Everyone in the organization […]

SF Magazine: Financial Forecasting Amid COVID-19

“Companies are missing opportunities to grow revenue and improve margins by approaching the data they collect too narrowly.” Here are “three steps to move toward dynamic planning”: Democratize your data Bring financial data into operations Bring financial data into strategy Read More at SF Magazine >

CFO Dive: CFOs Facing an Unprecedented Range of Risks Find an Edge in Analytics

There are better ways to plan your business finance strategy than on a spreadsheet with old data! ““I’m afraid a lot of firms today do their forecasting on the back of an envelope,” Keating said. “The use of predictive analytics is a very important way to compete.”” Read More at CFO Dive >

CFO Journal: Financial Reporting Trends: Forecasting, Communication, Internal Controls

“While there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to addressing current forecasting challenges, the following strategies have proven to be effective for a number of companies: Evaluating recovery and financial forecasts from an outside-in perspective first—specifically, focusing on the factors, issues, and conditions outside of a company’s control that are known and knowable Automating components of […]

SF Magazine: Managing International Operations in Uncertain Times

“It’s also evident that foreign currency exchange rates, interest rates, and inflation inherently carry an element of uncertainty and volatility, which represents risks that financial professionals must manage in order to better forecast, monitor, and control the performance of their organization’s international business operations.” Read More at SF Magazine >