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The Total Cost of Effective Budgeting and Forecasting

Plans, budgets, and forecasts can be some of the most valuable contributions that finance makes to the business. Ideally, they help organizations know what’s coming down the road and remain agile enough to respond to uncertainty and to keep the business moving forward. The goal of these processes is to produce planning, budgeting, and forecasting […]

Three Pillars for Actionable Supply Chain Planning

While supply chain managers understand that uncertainty and volatility come with their territory, they also hold the responsibility to properly understand what will happen next and how to react to it.  Still, many lack the insight necessary to navigate through unforeseen changes that could affect the business in any way, at any time. For a […]

Simulation Capabilities Are Giving Manufacturers A Major Advantage

Simulation capabilities are being used by manufacturers everywhere to help decision makers understand what has happened or will happen in the future of their business. In the case of additive manufacturing, simulating the material properties and the processes embedded in devices, helps OEMs guarantee that they have the right combination of material and settings to […]

Agility and Integrated Analytics Are Essential to a Scalable Business

Businesses today that strive to get ahead of their competition need to have smarter, faster, collaborative and innovative systems that enable agility and advanced analytics. These organizations need a vision and strategy to define the future digital business state. It’s what aligns people in the organization on the priorities, capabilities, and collaboration required to successfully […]

Smart Businesses Plan For the Future

Most CFOs have been trained to focus on the past, with historical reporting and benchmarking at the heart of their mission. But as competitive pressures accelerate, they’re increasingly expected to help shape the future too. The businesses that will sprint ahead of the competition in the future are the ones who are actively preparing for […]

How Manufacturers Can Leverage Their Data For Actionable Insights

“Manufacturers have a huge opportunity to benefit from data-based insights. Those that are able to analyze and leverage data will be able to make better decisions that propel their organizations to success in a highly competitive climate.” According to a recent manufacturing technology survey, the use of analytics and data is expected to grow over […]

Are You Relying on The Best Tools to Make Important Business Decisions?

Business leaders need an advanced tool to gain important insights into their business. However, implementing a new technology is only part of the solution, rather than the complete answer to their business challenges. When applying a new technology tool, it is important to integrate it with their organization’s business processes and data management so they […]

Your Supply Chain Could Benefit from A New Take on Budgeting

“With advances in digital technologies and analytics, adopting a zero-based mindset is not about slashing costs in whatever way possible. It’s about finding the resources that are not being used efficiently and reallocating them to improve capabilities, fund growth initiatives and increase competitive agility in a rapidly changing and complex environment.” Because half of a […]

New Research Proves the Need for a Collaborative Platform for Financial Planning

According to a new study by Ventana Research, one of the C-suite’s top struggles is gaining clear, up-to-date information to support strategic business decisions – typically the result of disparate technologies and siloed departments. ERP systems can only provide a certain level of detail and collaboration, so businesses need a platform that can link data […]