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Integration is Essential for Collaborative Planning

Collaborative enterprise planning systems and techniques are being continually enhanced, because FP&A professionals now realize planning is more than just a user interacting with a single model. Collaborative planning requires an enhanced set of technologies not found in earlier planning solutions. Those solutions tended to be little more than calculation machines where data was submitted by […]

Effective Planning Requires More Than Just Your ERP

We live in an age driven by data and, for businesses, the ability to quickly and accurately process large data sets has changed from “nice to have” to “essential” in a relatively short time. It’s crucial for businesses to be able to process data from a variety of different sources from across their operations, regardless of the form […]

Scenarios Are Critical for Successful Enterprise Planning

The business world is far too complex to have a definitive view of what’s going to happen 12 months down the road. In this environment, scenarios can play an important role, but only if they are part of an overall collaborative approach. With a collaborative approach, scenarios become in effect a short story about what […]

SAFE!: What FP&A Teams Can Learn From Baseball

The game of baseball is very similar to the discipline of FP&A, and both practices can learn a lot from the other. Like baseball, FP&A is a team sport where the goal is to prepare for curveballs and succeed over the competition. Players who don’t get on base consistently are hard to count on. Instead […]

The Future of FP&A is Bright

FP&A professionals that have harnessed the power of a dynamic, fully integrated analytics solution are on their way to a very bright future and will reach new heights in the game of data analytics. Due to the advances made in technology, the role of the FP&A professional and the composition of the job itself will be […]

Why Intelligent Drivers Are Necessary in FP&A

“Intelligent drivers” are measurable business activities that directly link strategy to the organization’s short- and long-term goals. Business process goals and operational activities do not always line up with the organizational structure. Some have a one-to-one relationship, but others may go across multiple departments. Defining intelligent drivers may well lead to rethinking the way budgets […]

Finding a Place For Artificial Intelligence in FP&A

The term “artificial intelligence (AI)” is used so frequently in this day and age that it is often misconstrued because it is leveraged enterprise-wide by different departments for different things. For FP&A, AI is the automation of actions based on analysis of available data in order to mimic the way a person would make a […]

Get With the Times- Modern Planning Solutions Are Taking Over

In today’s fast-moving, unpredictable business environment, legacy planning practices can’t keep up. Often times, plans are already out of date before they even begin. It is impossible to predict events six months out, let alone 18 months for the traditional budgeting process. With modern financial planning and analysis solutions combined with newer management methodologies, these […]

The Power of Combining Information & Operational Technologies

Many changes and trends are taking place in the energy and manufacturing industries. These trends are affecting these industries’ economic, social, and working environments and providing opportunities to improve business performance in their current, highly competitive conditions. Finance leaders are realizing the value in a combination or convergence of information technologies (IT) and operational technologies (OT). IT […]