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Increasing Profits with Mid-Year Adjustments

Mid-year adjustments to business plans help many companies improve their tactics while staying on track with long-term initiatives. While many businesses only have impromptu approaches to adjusting business plans, a more structured approach provides flexibility and focuses concentration on the right levers of profitability. Checking in on mid-year financials allows executives and decision makers to […]

Intelligent Scenario Planning with Advanced Analytics

Nobody understands Robert Burns’ quote, “The best laid plans often go awry,” like modern business leaders. When it comes to financial planning, finance teams need the ability to assess and adjust plans when they go off course. Intelligent planning starts with analysis of past results to help determine where is business is going, and measure […]

Modern Supply Chains Require Continuous Planning in Real-Time

Today’s supply chain planning has to be continuous and based on real-time information to drive effective business decisions. In the face of rising customer expectations around individualized products, shorter delivery time frames, and predictable availability, organizations are moving away from the familiar pace of traditional planning approaches. The need to act and respond on a […]

Nine Essential Steps for Strategic Planning

All corporate functions do strategic planning, but few do it well. Strategic planning is critical for forward-looking organizations, but short-term planning activities often leave little time to pursue long-term strategy. The mission for business leaders is to identify initiatives that will drive enterprise growth ambitions, and unlock the capacity (time, budget, talent and technology) needed to […]

Turn Strategy into Actionable Plans with Next-Level FP&A

“Few processes within the purview of a CFO have so much potential to create—or destroy—business value than FP&A” A recent study from the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) found that in general, top performing organizations take a more rigorous and integrated approach to their FP&A practices by relying on businesses insights to drive results, not […]

Modern FP&A Leaders Need to Upgrade Their Playbook

“In a world of digital transformation and constant disruption, analysis must keep pace with queries that will change midstream and anticipate questions that have yet to be asked, but should be.”  The ability to turn around insightful analysis in a timely manner is key to being seen as a modern business. To remain competitive, mature […]

The Art of War: How Successful Manufacturers Arm Their Business with Analytics

Similar to martial arts, business success is all about perspective. Instead of focusing on the capabilities their organization lacks, business leaders should understand what they can do with what they have. First, they must find the tools that best-fit their business. Smart leaders arm their company with analytics and machine learning that provide critical insights […]

Resolving Common Manufacturing Challenges with Process Optimization

To continually grow as they has in the past, discrete manufacturers must deal with some unique challenges. Without a robust and integrated modeling platform, they often struggle with lack of business visibility, little to no access to actionable insight, excess inventory, and declining profits. The lack of innovation in the business process and technology aspects […]

Strategic Planning in Today’s Volatile Business Climate

“If there’s a single theme informing the C-suite’s most pressing challenges today, it’s the unrelenting pace and scale of change.” Businesses are facing the harsh reality that their traditional approach to finance planning is not up to the challenge of establishing assumptions, defining objectives, and allocating resources over a specific span of time. In addition […]