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Improving Plant Process Efficiency with Technology

” Improved regulatory control performance contributes to less production waste and energy consumption, fewer quality defects, more throughput, and higher yield. Uncovering – let alone realizing – those benefits is challenging for most process manufacturers given the complexity of their automation environment and the growing responsibilities faced by engineering and maintenance teams. The reports, alerts […]

How Manufacturers Can Leverage Their Data For Actionable Insights

“Manufacturers have a huge opportunity to benefit from data-based insights. Those that are able to analyze and leverage data will be able to make better decisions that propel their organizations to success in a highly competitive climate.” According to a recent manufacturing technology survey, the use of analytics and data is expected to grow over […]

Efficient Processes are Transforming the Manufacturing Industry into a Lean, Mean Profitable Machine

Efficiency is crucial in any manufacturing process. Consumers never think about all the time and money it took to create the products, instead their sole interest is getting the product they want at an acceptable price point and within a reasonable time frame. In an effort to optimize operations, many manufacturers have adopted a “leaner” […]

Modern Manufacturing is On the Rise

There is a huge amount of innovation happening in manufacturing regarding the type of the products being designed (which are helping address some of the sustainability and environmental issues) and the processes to manufacture and sell them. Manufacturers are leading the pack of companies that are transforming their businesses, driving innovation, and winning in the […]

Manufacturers Are Shifting from Being Preventative to Predictive

For many manufacturers today, the focus of their business is not so much producing products for sale as it is delivering better business outcomes for their customers through asset-as-a-service offerings. Leading organizations use an intelligence-based approach, where maintenance teams monitor conditions in real time using an enterprise asset management tool. For asset manufacturers, real-time analytics […]

Advanced Visibility and Collaboration Creates Efficient Manufacturing Processes

In today’s competitive environment, companies are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition and improve the customer experience. For machinery, equipment, and asset manufacturers, this often starts with developing smarter products to capture more information about how they are operating and performing around the globe. A large German machinery manufacturer found that […]

Breaking Down the Barriers of Personalized Cost Visibility in Manufacturing

Customers are ever-evolving and gravitating towards more personalized products that meet their unique specifications. For manufacturers, meeting this demand for high-quality individualized goods is nearly impossible to do in a cost-efficient manner with outdated operational processes based on yesterday’s technology. Therefore, organizations are looking to transform their facilities into open integrated factories – the kind […]

Next-Generation Manufacturing Processes Are Here to Stay

Industrial machinery and component manufacturers are stretched thin, addressing global challenges like the need for clean energy, smart cities, and a circular economy. In addition, they are confronted with ever more demanding customers and the transformation of their business ecosystem, including customers, partners, and competitors. Innovative industrial machinery and component manufacturers are tackling these challenges […]

Is Activity-Based Costing Worth It?

Manufacturing companies need to understand product costs accurately and in detail. This kind of information is essential for planning operations, pricing, and evaluating business margins. Activity-based costing helps manufacturers identify what products are truly profitable, the true costs of products for pricing, and what activities are driving costs. However, activity-based costing is known for being […]