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CFO Magazine: A 10-Step Playbook for New PE-Backed CFOs

“In addition, 91% of sponsors said their PE-backed CFOs weren’t meeting their “manage the business” expectations. Managing the business is defined as turning clean data into analysis and then into insights to make informed business decisions. It’s a tough task, no doubt, but it’s still very much foundational to the CFO role.”

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Industry Week: What Makes a High-Performance Organization?

“The process for developing a high-performance organization requires measurement. If you value something, then it should be measured. If you think that measurement is unnecessary, then you do not place much value on the activity.”

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What Makes a Future-Focused Finance Organization?

The systems used by many companies for important business insights have many inconsistencies. They lack integration, automation, and a single version of the truth about their business. Additionally, many lack the ability to view their data in real-time to really understand what their data is trying to tell them. Today’s volatile marketplace requires more flexible finance, and modern finance leaders have leveraged intelligent technologies to provide the real-time data and reporting capacity that empowers them to drill-down to the most detailed level of information. Having one universal truth from one set of data available in real-time is extraordinarily powerful for finance leaders because it empowers the business to be faster and more agile.

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Why Intelligent Businesses Are Focused on Comprehensive Reporting

An intelligent enterprise is one that leverages data strategically to improve business performance and better serve customers. Leading businesses are focusing on improving data visualization to catapult their efforts modernizing and optimizing their data landscape to support their overall strategy. While traditional reporting is still the main source of information for decision support, enterprise reporting tells the story of business performance over time and can be a key factor to being competitive. By revamping data visualization and enterprise reporting with advanced technologies, companies can extract more value from their data and move closer to becoming an intelligent enterprise.

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