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Forbes: The CFO As Change Manager: Mastering The 21st Century Finance Role

“All businesses are becoming digital businesses and CFOs need to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Two areas of personal interest to me are data analytics and process automation.”

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CFO Magazine: Cycle Time for Short-Term Cash Forecasting: Metric of the Month

“If your team is still forecasting manually with spreadsheets, there’s a good chance you will see dirty data and errors that require rework. Those will add to your cycle time. Automated forecasting tools on the market today can pull in finance data automatically from a banking source or from the general ledger. Creating a template that automatically populates the data you need can cut down on the time that you would otherwise spend finding and keying in that data manually.”

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CFO Dive: CFOs to Combat Downturn with More Automation

“Automating part of their teams’ workload is one step CFOs can take to cut costs and improve efficiency in the face of an economic dip. When it comes to financial departments, automation can be applied to categorize expense reports in real time, for example, making previously manual and time-consuming processes more accurate and efficient.”

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CFO Insights: Are You Ready to Make the Switch to Lights Out Finance?

“Shifting from automated to autonomous allows the finance function to achieve an exponential level of efficiency, reduce costs, and become more agile—while digital technologies autonomously execute processes end to end. Human intervention is the exception, freeing up finance professionals to shift their efforts to higher-value strategic activities and to generating more significant insights for the business.”

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CFO Dive: Inflation Pushes CFO Digital Investments

“In order to meet their goals of agility and resilience at their firms, as well as develop a “future-ready” finance function, CFOs “must adopt an end-to-end approach toward transformation in order to drive business growth, optimize stakeholder experience and scale business initiatives over the long-term,” Keshav R. Murugesh, group CEO for WNS said in a statement.”

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CFO Dive: Splurge on Automation Before Recession Hits, Says Former ‘Serial CFO’

“Automation in areas such as FP&A can go further than simply reducing the need to hire new staff or cost-cutting measures, Ross said — it can also help to strengthen business outcomes, allowing finance teams to collect data more swiftly and to better consolidate their future strategies.”

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FP&A Trends: Automation in FP&A: If You Want to Go Far, Go Together

“Automation will allow organisations to have:

  • A single source of truth
  • Automated reporting and analytics
  • Seamless collaboration between teams
  • Easy Scenario Planning and rework
  • Permissions and audit trail
  • Time for analysis and recommendations”

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CFO Journal: Automated Financial Forecasting: Remaking the Planning Process

“A solid foundation of data quality and data management is the first essential input to establishing automated, adaptable, and real-time forecasting. Leveraging continuous flows of data, algorithmic forecasting models allow organizations to quickly adapt to ever-changing business environments.”

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CFO Magazine: Best Organizations Report Consolidated Financials in 4 Days: Metric of the Month

“Excessive spreadsheet use, manual touchpoints in the process, and human error all increase cycle times for completing monthly consolidated financials.”

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