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CFO Magazine: 4 CFO Strategies for Success in Uncertain Times

“We can’t know for sure what this year will bring, but if the last few years have taught us anything, it’s the importance of remaining nimble. As the economy evolves and macro-events of epic proportions spin up around us, your ability to pivot quickly is what will separate you from others. Modern technology, a data-first strategy, bottom-up budgeting, and continuous planning with all stakeholders are important tools for success.”

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Forbes: The CFO As Change Manager: Mastering The 21st Century Finance Role

“All businesses are becoming digital businesses and CFOs need to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Two areas of personal interest to me are data analytics and process automation.”

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Gartner: Gartner Survey Identifies the Top 10 Priorities for CFOs in 2023

“The incorporation of new technology and data into finance processes has the potential to elevate the function into a real-time provider of strategic insights and data for a business.”

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CFO Magazine: The CFO’s Changing Role: 5 Data Points from the 2023 CFO Outlook Survey

Only 7% of respondents reported that the benefit of their CFO’s best skillset is scenario planning and forecasting.

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CFO Magazine: 4 Strategic Priorities for the Modern CFO

“That means finding the right combination of platforms, processes, and people that can be enhanced by digital solutions. Actions, therefore, need to be taken in concert: automation for collections and invoice processing; a modernized enterprise resource platform (ERP) and general ledger platform to help employees leverage information faster; data analytics to improve decision-making; and real-time operational insights through tools used in the field, as well as the back office.”

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CFO Magazine: 3 CFO Trends to Watch in 2023

“Businesses are preparing to face these headwinds by strengthening systems and pursuing the flexibility created by digital transformation.”

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CFO Dive: 4 CFO Trends to Watch in 2023

“Scenario planning is also essential when preparing for the future economic or monetary policy landscape.”

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CFO Journal: Economic Brief: 7 Predictions for the New Year

“Without a doubt, U.S. growth in 2023 will be slower than in 2022 due to tightening monetary and fiscal policy. Yet a recession might be avoided due to declining energy prices, strong employment growth, and easing of supply chain stress. A recession remains a possibility. However, if it comes, it will likely be modest and short-lived.”

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SF Magazine: CFOs Prepare for 2023

“All industries continue to grapple with global economic and societal upheaval, from the war in Ukraine and social unrest worldwide to rising interest rates and growing debt burdens. Finance leaders are tasked with gauging the potential impacts on their particular organization and industry. This unprecedented combination of factors leading to uncertainty and unpredictability is challenging CFOs to respond to massive disruptions and volatility and plan for various possible scenarios. Finance leaders will continue to apply data analytics and FP&A insights to guide their companies to invest for the long term while evaluating and reacting appropriately to short-term risks and setbacks. The best CFOs help their organization’s finance function to lead the way through choppy waters, overcoming challenges to achieve stability and sustainable success.”

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