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Forbes: How CFOs Can Take The Initiative On Tech, Talent And Sustainability

“Digital transformation and the automation of finance and accounting processes are helping finance teams improve operational efficiency and auditability. We’re seeing more organizations investing in the automation of closing processes to eliminate bottlenecks, provide clearer insights into real-time data intelligence and make the audit process more efficient. CFOs and finance teams are really playing a critical role in driving this change and creating value through the ability to plan and forecast quickly. It has to start with structuring the budget and the financial flows processes in order to build out analytics and forecasting capabilities.”

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CFO Dive: CFOs Plan to Boost ESG Spending Despite Recession Risk: Survey

“A gap remains between sustainability goals and execution — while most financial leaders agree addressing ESG issues is important, most also say their organizations lack the tools to include ESG in their decision-making.”

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CFO Magazine: 79% of Executives Expect a Recession; Only 35% Feel ‘Very’ Prepared: Weekly Stat

“Decision-making data showed that 47% of prepared leaders said they will turn to information technology to aid in decision-making moving forward, while 41% of the not very prepared said the same. A majority of the not very prepared group (55%) said they will lean on C-suite executives, while a third (33%) said they will lean on accounting or finance for a majority of their decision-making aid. The prepared group also saw value in tapping the C-suite and the finance department when making decisions, despite seeing the wisdom of leveraging IT and outside consultants.”

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CFO Insights: Why CFOs are Moving Toward a More Dynamic Finance Function

“Embedding the finance function with enough speed, strength, and flexibility to adapt—despite what uncertainty may arise—can turn a traditional support function into a competitive advantage. A streamlined, adaptable finance function can enable an enterprise to capitalize on disruption-generated opportunities, helping the business advance its goals while rivals are still struggling to react.”

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CFO Magazine: CFO Leadership: Navigating Volatility While Aiming for Growth

“Data from CFO’s recent survey found few finance chiefs judge leadership skills or industry knowledge as one of the top two attributes most important in candidates. Many CFOs focus on delegating a large portion of their accounting and financial tasks to those with skills in accounting and data analysis.”

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CFO Magazine: Survey: 5 Top Challenges and Priorities CFOs Face in 2022

“With supply chain problems still looming, CFOs are looking to invest in new ways to streamline operations. Nearly half (46%) of CFOs surveyed said capital will be allocated to improving this part of their organizations. Beating out sales, marketing, IT, and HR combined, it’s clear CFOs across the board are looking to tackle logistical issues over all else by funding new ways to improve their processes.”

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CFO Insights: What is On Your Transformation Risk Checklist? Part II

“Suppose you have used a personal spreadsheet for years to calculate a certain formula, but your company has introduced a new system to handle that. If you insist on using your method, the company no longer knows whether you have used the correct assumptions to calculate the formula—or if errors have been introduced into your spreadsheet.”

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CFO Insights: What is On Your Transformation Risk Checklist? Part I

“Core legacy systems may not be able to provide timely and accurate information and analysis for business decision-making. In cases where organizations have grown inorganically through acquisitions, critical systems and data sets may not be seamlessly integrated to give comprehensive real-time insights on key business issues. Thus, core data and IT infrastructure often must be improved before process and operational changes can be delivered”

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FP&A Trends: Time to Make a Difference – Value Creation through FP&A Business Partnering

“We are model builders and, through our understanding, build various different scenarios to guide the business through to find the optimal outcome that creates maximum value.”

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