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CFO Dive: Unlocking the ‘Right’ Combination to Digital Transformation

“CFOs and their C-suite counterparts are looking to investments in new technology as a means to both place their business in a position adept for growth, while also trimming costs wherever possible.”

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CFO Magazine: 75% of CFOs to Increase Tech Spending Amid Automation Push

“Recent CFO data from the 2023 Outlook Survey revealed three quarters (75%) of CFOs plan to increase capital spend for their finance teams this year. Finance executives, despite wanting to cut costs, are still looking to increase technology spend and use.”

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CFO Journal: Technology Investments: How to Maximize the Impact

“CXOs who are looking to disrupt or deal with disruption in their industries may want to consider the tech investment practices of technology vanguards.”

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Forbes: Accounting And Finance Tech Transformation In Hyper-Drive

“The tech revolution that is transforming business is not just about technology. It is about the humans behind the technology, and their ability to leverage these new and exciting tools in ways that add value to the business.”

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SF Magazine: Tech Trends to Watch

“The rate of change in technology today is exponential. The future will only get faster. Faster, better, and cheaper technology solutions will always be there to distract you. Resist the temptation and the hype; this helps you avoid the trap of buying new technologies because “everyone else is doing it.” Not only can it be costly if you have to rip and replace systems, but it can expose your organization’s priceless data and systems to great risk.”

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CFO Magazine: Preparing for an Uncertain Future Requires Agility

There are several roadblocks to a full-fledged commitment to finance digital transformation. Some of those include:

  • Legacy platforms make significant cross-functional changes difficult to execute
  • Little or no resources committed to reskilling
  • Inadequate change management processes
  • Difficult to perform cost-benefit analysis because there aren’t always hard-dollar benefits


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SF Magazine: Preparing the Finance Function for Technological Change

“With so many technologies emerging and evolving rapidly, choosing where to begin can be a challenge. An important initial step should be developing a strategy to effectively use the leading-edge technology and analytics techniques required to become a data-driven organization. Development of this strategy starts with considering finance’s business goals.”


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CFO Tech Focus on Finance and Accounting Apps

“Finance leaders are focusing on some important — but arguably less glamorous — technologies. In the rankings, finance and accounting software came out on top, followed closely by mobile and cybersecurity techs.”

The world of technology is continuously evolving, from the rise in the Internet of Things (IoT) through the adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) over traditional in-house applications. And as technologies shift, so does the threat landscape. Yet many organizations adapt their technology without guidance or direction from IT, information security, procurement, or risk specialists. sapphire security is proactive when it comes to the physical threats to your business

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Digital transformation programs need the right talent to success

“Success [for digital transformation programs] requires bringing together and coordinating a far greater range of effort than most leaders appreciate. A poor showing in any one of four inter-related domains — technology, data, process, or organizational change capability — can scuttle an otherwise well-conceived transformation. The really important stuff, from creating and communicating a compelling vision, to crafting a plan and adjusting it on the fly, to slogging through the details, is all about people.”

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