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CFO Magazine: How CFOs Can Better Integrate Supply Chain Operations

“Different departments are usually operating in their own bubbles, with finance working on one spreadsheet, while sales have their own targets and forecasts. Yet all their work is moot if the purchasing department can’t secure the supply needed to satisfy customers. It’s a CFO’s job to knock down those walls and bring teams together so the finance and sales sides of the business are aware of and aligned with issues affecting the supply side.”

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CFO Journal: 5 Forces Shaping the Future of Freight

“Information within transportation companies is often organized solely to meet the needs of its functions, business units, and regulators. The insights shippers seek often require another layer of specialized analysis that incorporates and considers data from all areas of the business.”

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CFO Magazine: A CFO Action Plan for 2023

“CFOs should strengthen their supply chains in the year ahead, carefully analyzing them end-to-end to identify potential weaknesses and opportunities. Identify critical suppliers, build relationships with them, ensure they have scale, and designate alternate sources where needed. Engage key customers in joint demand planning, gaining commitments for short-term requirements. Invest in preventive maintenance programs to minimize unplanned downtime. Implement cycle counting for raw materials, finished products, and spare parts to ensure complete visibility. And, in general, monitor your supply chain risks and react accordingly.”

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Industry Week: Is the Chip Shortage Over? That Depends.

“Supply chain practices such as enabling end-to-end traceability, diversifying sources of supply, and optimizing safety stock can also help to manage risk. Of course, nobody has a crystal ball to see perfectly into the future, but proactive and data-informed business planning can help to prevent shortfalls and build resilience into your supply chain.”

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CFO Dive: Nearly Half of CFOs Ditching Just-in-Time Supply Chains: Study

“CFOs are left contemplating changes to their supply chains as they attempt to navigate shifting economic trends; factors such as the ongoing war in Ukraine and the lingering impacts of the pandemic as well as inflation have continued to throw up stumbling blocks for organizations across their supply chains.”

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CFO Journal: CFOs Weigh Investing in Supply Chain Resilience

“Many technological tools can help boost resilience, but companies should find those that best suit their needs. Some CFOs may decide they would benefit from real-time visibility into inventory levels. Others may start using blockchain to track products or begin leveraging predictive analytics to model different scenarios.”

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CFO Magazine: Survey: 5 Top Challenges and Priorities CFOs Face in 2022

“With supply chain problems still looming, CFOs are looking to invest in new ways to streamline operations. Nearly half (46%) of CFOs surveyed said capital will be allocated to improving this part of their organizations. Beating out sales, marketing, IT, and HR combined, it’s clear CFOs across the board are looking to tackle logistical issues over all else by funding new ways to improve their processes.”

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CFO Magazine: 3 Ways Finance Is Armoring Up for a Future of Disruption

“Most leaders, though, are using outdated tech — if any. Over half of the respondents rely on manual spreadsheets and have no financial close, corporate performance management, or business intelligence tools. Eighty-three percent said their technology and tools need to be more sophisticated to respond effectively to new market opportunities and threats.”

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CFO Journal: Fragile Supply Chains Confront Ongoing Threat From the Russia-Ukraine War

How detailed is your supply chain information? Visibility into suppliers is only as comprehensive as the information that is being captured and reported. Companies may identify and survey their most critical suppliers, but they often stop there. In the Deloitte procurement survey, 75% of CPOs chose enhanced supplier information-sharing as their top supply risk mitigation strategy. Visibility into suppliers’ operational performance can be critical in meeting sudden changes in demand.”

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