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CFO Dive: Unlocking the ‘Right’ Combination to Digital Transformation

“CFOs and their C-suite counterparts are looking to investments in new technology as a means to both place their business in a position adept for growth, while also trimming costs wherever possible.”

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CFO Magazine: 75% of CFOs to Increase Tech Spending Amid Automation Push

“Recent CFO data from the 2023 Outlook Survey revealed three quarters (75%) of CFOs plan to increase capital spend for their finance teams this year. Finance executives, despite wanting to cut costs, are still looking to increase technology spend and use.”

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CFO Magazine: 2023 Outlook: 4 Realms for Digital Acceleration

“CFOs must prioritize the accuracy of data. The ability to predict, forecast, and analyze the huge amounts of data accumulated by operations is absolutely critical to a company’s growth.”

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Forbes: How CFOs Can Take The Initiative On Tech, Talent And Sustainability

“Digital transformation and the automation of finance and accounting processes are helping finance teams improve operational efficiency and auditability. We’re seeing more organizations investing in the automation of closing processes to eliminate bottlenecks, provide clearer insights into real-time data intelligence and make the audit process more efficient. CFOs and finance teams are really playing a critical role in driving this change and creating value through the ability to plan and forecast quickly. It has to start with structuring the budget and the financial flows processes in order to build out analytics and forecasting capabilities.”

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FP&A Trends: Intelligent FP&A: Top Three Challenges and How To Overcome Them

“Organisations fail to move past legacy ways of working. To this day, Excel remains the most common tool for running complex FP&A activities. Despite its popularity, spreadsheet-based planning is heavily constrained and unable to meet modern business needs and speed. It restricts collaboration, increases the risk of error, and often works in a silo and even when it is not, it can be time-consuming to integrate properly.”

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Harvard Business Review: 3 Stages of a Successful Digital Transformation

The key to more successful digital transformation is to not skip ahead: Start with step one and invest the focus and resources to get it right. Growing your organization’s digital maturity through the digital transformation corporate learning curve will increase your chances of success.”

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CFO Insights: Finance 2025: Looking Ahead With the Benefit of Hindsight

Does your company have a streamlined finance data infrastructure that can help you take advantage of advanced technologies and deliver insights? Finance data serves as a core foundational component of other accelerants, such as extracting an increasingly sophisticated level of business insights that can drive corporate strategy and are also relevant to stakeholders. This will require a comprehensive driver-based data architecture that tells the full back story and doesn’t just report on the outcomes without the underlying causes.”

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CFO Magazine: 3 Ways Finance Is Armoring Up for a Future of Disruption

“Most leaders, though, are using outdated tech — if any. Over half of the respondents rely on manual spreadsheets and have no financial close, corporate performance management, or business intelligence tools. Eighty-three percent said their technology and tools need to be more sophisticated to respond effectively to new market opportunities and threats.”

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CFO Dive: CFOs to Boost IT, Tech Budgets in Face of Inflation: Gartner

““We’re increasingly seeing sort of a pivot in finance, [where we’re] moving away from finance being the transactional record keeper to finance becoming more of the financial insights department,” Horvat said in an interview. “So what we’re seeing is CFOs leveraging new data and analytics techniques…to identify abilities to save money within the organization.””

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