[WEBINAR] Product Costing for Modern Finance Organizations – Feb 19th

Process manufacturers all have one thing in common – the need for an effective product costing process that delivers accurate and actionable results. If you’re struggling with the lack of ERP costing capabilities or overwhelmed with spreadsheets, you’ll find value in hearing how leading manufacturing companies have established robust product costing processes.

Register now to join 3C Software Solution Leader Adrian Rochofski for an interactive discussion around the three focus areas for product costing:

  • BOM Management and Product Costs: Why is it important to have access to detailed standard and actual costs for each unique product manufactured
  • Routing and Process Costs: Insights on work center cost challenges including rate building, overhead allocations, budgeting and transformational costs
  • What-if Costs: The best finance teams are using scenario analysis for material and process changes, production planning and job quoting.

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