3C Software Launches “The Ledger ” News Source for Finance Professionals

While our day job is developing and implementing cost and profitability systems, we also want to do our part to keep business leaders informed and educated.  Over the years we’ve searched high and low looking for resources that delivered a regular dose of content that the folks we work with actually find relevant.  And since we still haven’t found that place, we decided to create our own.

In addition to original 3C Software content and resources, we’ve launched The Ledger – a quick roundup of news and topics that cost and profitability professionals care about.  The Ledger sources content from trusted sources across the internet, giving you perspective on the issues finance and business leaders care about.

We invite you to bookmark The Ledger to stay up-to-date and share stories with your colleagues on social media. And subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest cost and profitability news in your inbox each month.