3C Software Named Among Top 10 Budgeting and Forecasting Solution Providers

“ImpactECS enables customers to devise models- including budgeting, forecasting and costing models- tailor-made to fit their business environment and offers them complete visibility into the business logic and calculations.”

3C Software is honored to be recognized by CFO Tech Outlook Magazine as a leading provider of budgeting and forecasting solutions. Matthew Smith, 3C Software President & CEO, contributed to an article for the Budgeting and Forecasting Special Edition, 3C Software: Redefining Budgeting and Forecasting. He discusses the challenges that many manufacturing companies face in their budgeting and forecasting practices. Matthew shares his insights on how manufacturers can confront the normally time-consuming and unproductive processes with a dynamic system that caters to a client’s unique budgeting requirements, like ImpactECS.

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