Beaulieu of America Covers Product Costing with ImpactECS

28 January 2015
Atlanta, Georgia

Beaulieu of America Covers Product Costing with ImpactECS

Beaulieu of America, one of the largest manufacturers in floor coverings in the world, has selected ImpactECS by 3C Software to consolidate their existing residential, raw materials and commercial costing requirements for their 22 manufacturing facilities.

ImpactECS will allow Beaulieu of America to focus on building an actual, standard and predictive cost system. With ImpactECS, Beaulieu’s finance and accounting team will have the ability to go beyond product costs to calculate landed costs, value inventories, manage BOMs, build budgets and forecasts, analyze scenarios, and a wide range of other business analysis activities.

“It’s always great to get a hometown win, so we’re excited about welcoming Beaulieu of America to the ImpactECS family,” stated Scott Adams, Director of Sales at 3C Software. “3C Software has a long history working with carpet manufacturers to deliver cost and profitability systems, and the opportunity to expand our reach to another industry leader further solidifies our expertise in this area.”

About 3C Software
3C Software, developers of ImpactECS™ and Impact3C®, was founded in 1988 and is a leader in detailed cost and profitability management systems. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, 3C Software serves clients in several industries including process manufacturing, distribution, and financial services. 3C Software’s rapidly implemented solutions work with all accounting methods, are simple to maintain, and handle unlimited calculations and variables. For more information about 3C Software or ImpactECS™, visit or call 800-226-2036.