Cost-to-Serve Analytics Overview

What is Cost-to-Serve Analytics

To gain true insights into your company’s performance, analyzing the unique cost of serving each customer is a critical activity. With a robust cost-to-serve analytics process, you can calculate the profitability of products, customers and routes to market, and provide a fact-based focus for decision making on product mix, service mix and operational changes for each customer.

Top 4 Reasons for Cost-to-Serve Analytics

1. Calculate the true costs for each customer, product, service, and channel.
2. Gain insight into product profitability for SKU rationalization and pricing decisions.
3. Evaluate partner and supplier performance to negotiate contracts.
4. Identify opportunities for process improvements throughout the supply chain.

52% of financial managers regard measuring product and customer profitability as a key constraint. – Gartner

Ideal functionality for Cost-to-Serve Solutions

1. Detailed profitability by customer, product, service and channel
2. Expense allocation by both activity and customer type
3. Granular view of costs and the natural cost element level
4. Forecast scenarios of future costs and profits

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