3C Software’s ImpactECS Data Integration Tool Achieves Certified Integration with SAP® ERP

Solution Delivers Fully Integrated Cost and Profitability Models to Customers Through Interoperability With SAP ERP

ATLANTA — July 2013 — 3C Software announced that ImpactECS has achieved certified integration with the SAP® ERP application. The solution has been proven to integrate with SAP ERP, making it possible to extract data from the SAP application for use in ImpactECS cost and profitability models.

SAPCerti_Int_SAPAppli_CG10_R_posThe SAP Integration and Certification Center has certified that ImpactECS version 7.0 integrates with SAP ERP 6.0 to exchange critical data, using the ImpactECS Data Integration Tool 1.0. As a result, users of ImpactECS can run predefined data extraction jobs to pull data from SAP ERP. This integration makes it possible to easily incorporate the transactional data necessary to have fully-integrated cost and profitability models.

“We are quite happy to announce the successful achievement of SAP certification for the current release of ImpactECS,” said Matthew Smith, president and CEO of 3C Software. “The ability of 3C Software to leverage the business potential of assets provided by solutions from SAP and other vendors will prove highly beneficial to current and future ImpactECS implementations.”

As a result of the certified integration, ImpactECS offers an end-to-end cost and profitability management solution where companies can tie transactional data and operational results together in one tightly integrated, forward-looking planning and analysis platform. This approach gives business leaders the ability to calculate detailed costs results and analyze countless scenarios by adjusting any input. It also allows business leaders to determine the impact for both an individual product or service and for the entire company simultaneously.

About 3C Software
3C Software, developers of ImpactECS™ and Impact3C®, was founded in 1988 and is a leader in detailed cost and profitability management systems. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, 3C Software serves clients in several industries including process manufacturing, distribution, and financial services. 3C Software’s rapidly implemented solutions work with all accounting methods, are simple to maintain, and handle unlimited calculations and variables. To learn more about 3C Software, visit www.3csoftware.com or call 800-226-2036.
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