LinkedIn Group Grows to 5,000+ Members!

icon_CAPMWe are excited to announce that our LinkedIn group – Cost Accounting for Process Manufacturers – has 5,000+ members from the accounting and finance community.  The mission of this group is to facilitate discussion about the challenges of cost accounting and cost management.  By creating a place where practitioners can connect with each other, we are able to promote open dialog and ultimately improve the practice of cost accounting and management worldwide.


Just to get a taste of the topics we’re discussing, here are a few recent topics from group members:

  • Inventory Obsolescense Reserve – Industry Standard – Best Practices
  • Which performance criteria would you use for a benchmark analysis of your suppliers?
  • Share your best approach of allocating idle costs to a business segment

…and many more!


Join today and participate with this active group of accounting and finance professionals to get ideas, learn best practices and network with other members!