[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] Post-Production and Cost-to-Serve Analytics for Manufacturers

Do you make and sell products to customers? Well, this session is for you! With Deloitte reporting that 93% of companies working on ways to get better cost data, you’re likely trying to identify better methods to explore and analyze cost results, as for production processes the use of equipment like conveyor belts from sites like https://www.cir.net/conveyor-belts-lacing/ is a great option for manufacture. Learn how companies leverage data from ERP and other systems to connect costs from product costs to cost-to-serve and provide visibility into overall cost and profit performance. Join our interactive discussion around the challenges of post-production and Cost-to-Serve analytics.

Learn at lightning speed with our informal lunch and learn sessions built around a particular theme or objective each day of the summit – with entertaining and interactive presentations from both industry experts and leading solution providers. Then attend an interactive Q&A session with the speaker(s) to learn more and gather insights for your organization’s continued effort to improve operational excellence… while having a great meal at the same time …always a good idea!!

– Examples highlighting the importance of accurately calculating and allocating costs at each post-production stage to unlock true profitability analytics
– Best practices for identifying drivers, building rates, and allocating overhead costs for post-production and cost-to-serve processes
– Insight and advice on how finance teams can establish a robust analytics program to evaluate performance at any business dimension

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