Is SAP® Material Ledger the best tool to handle your actual costing requirements?

Already have SAP and deciding whether Material Ledger is the best tool for actual costing? Take a moment to learn about another option, ImpactECS.  The quick overview “Is SAP Material Ledger the Best Tool to Handle Your Actual Costing Requirements” highlights the three roadblocks that make using Material Ledger less than optimal, and why companies who use SAP also choose ImpactECS to handle their cost and profitability analytics needs.

Typical challenges to using SAP Material Ledger for actual costing:

  1. Getting visibility into granular cost detail is limited
  2. Evaluating performance through variances is inconclusive
  3. Performing scenarios and forecasting results is clumsy

ImpactECS is a standalone cost and profitability platform that integrates with SAP and your existing IT environment to provide a robust financial system with limitless scenario analytics capabilities.  Read the overview below to see how ImpactECS can handle each of these challenges, and others, while leveraging your current investment in SAP.

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