Cost of Terms + Incentives
Discounts, Rebates, Trade Funding

Evaluating the costs of products and services requires a… Align discounts, rebates, and trade investments to specific products and customers to enhance gross margin analysis and optimization.

With ImpactECS, you can evaluate the cost impact of sales terms by customer and product – and optimize rebates, allowances, promotional spending, and other investments for those groups to get a clearer understanding of the expenses generated on the journey from gross sales to net sales.

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  • Evaluate program effectiveness: Calculate and measure the operational cost impact of volume incentive programs.
  • Test program performance: Run what-if scenarios to assess the impact of planned incentive programs on both top and bottom-line revenue performance.
  • Close the incentive loop: Improve program profitability by auditing customer compliance with terms and incentive requirements prior to reimbursement.
  • Empower sales, marketing, and product teams: Provide territory and category managers with detailed program cost answers to develop more targeted terms and incentive programs.

Post-Production and Cost-to-Serve Analytics

With 93% of companies working on ways to get better cost data, you’re likely trying to identify better methods to explore and analyze cost results. Learn how companies leverage data from ERP and other systems to connect product costs and post-production costs to provide visibility into overall profit performance.

Hear examples highlighting the importance of accurately calculating and allocating costs at each post-production stage to unlock true profitability analytics, best practices for identifying drivers, building rates, and allocating overhead costs for post-production and cost-to-serve processes, and insights and advices on how finance teams can establish a robust analytics program to evaluate performance at any business dimension.


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