Logistics Costing

Companies often work to optimize costs in functional silos, but these discrete efforts risk driving costs down one silo while increasing them in another – resulting in an overall negative bottom-line impact. Taking effective cost actions requires transparency across the supply chain that connects data from purchasing, procurement, transportation, logistics, sales, customer service, and other value-added services to create an end-to-end connected view of costs.

Supply Chain Costing - 3C Software

For supply chain finance teams, ImpactECS brings together manufacturing and distribution information into a comprehensive, product-centric view of the total cost for making and moving your goods. By connecting product cost and logistics data, you can drive efficiencies and productivity improvements that consider both your individual department goals and the overall performance of your company.

ImpactECS delivers an integrated view of the costs to move your products

  • Know the total cost of ownership: Integrate costs for procurement, inventory, transportation, customer service, and other value-added services for your products and services in a single cost view
  • Simulate supply chain cost performance: Adjust any internal or external cost value in the model to learn the P&L impact of changes across the value chain – suppliers, operations, distribution, cost-to-serve, support activities, and profit
  • Improve supply chain cost visibility: Calculate and maintain detailed answers for internal and external costs at each supply chain step to identify opportunities and inform decisions
  • Root cause analytics: Go beyond visualizing high-level cost performance and drill into the details to identify the exact drivers of cost across the supply chain

Post-Production and Cost-to-Serve Analytics

With Deloitte reporting that 93% of companies working on ways to get better cost data, you’re likely trying to identify better methods to explore and analyze cost results. Learn how companies leverage data from ERP and other systems to connect product costs and post-production costs to provide visibility into overall profit performance.

Hear examples highlighting the importance of accurately calculating and allocating costs at each post-production stage to unlock true profitability analytics, best practices for identifying drivers, building rates, and allocating overhead costs for post-production and cost-to-serve processes, and insights and advices on how finance teams can establish a robust analytics program to evaluate performance at any business dimension.


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