Pricing Decision Support

Setting the sales price for your product or service is a critical step when determining profits, but that process is often guided by instincts and gut feelings rather than data and analysis. In addition to the rebates, discounts, trade terms, and reverse logistics processes that create real costs, setting the right prices needs to include the fully loaded costs to procure, make, distribute, and sell and support to make decisions that have a positive impact on gross margins.

ImpactECS powers pricing analytics and optimization programs to provide cost of sales terms insights for customers, channels, and products. Connect data from sales, marketing, finance, operations, and supply chain to evaluate different pricing strategies and calculate expected margins.

Make pricing decisions that grow profits with ImpactECS

  • Protect net margins: Determine net margins using detailed cost data and calculate the total cost impact of changing volumes, product mixes, and price points
  • Benchmark performance: Identify pricing strategy inconsistencies by comparing individual customer price points with average selling prices
  • Manage customer segments: Identify commonalities and analyze the cost impact of their behaviors to better communicate and negotiate with customers
  • Pricing scenario analysis: Evaluate the performance of multiple pricing scenarios at once to determine best mix strategies

Cost-Based Quoting and Analytics Overview

Want to know the true profits for every new order or customer? To effectively quote products with complex based on the customers specific requirements need robust cost details to improve pricing decisions.

For custom, engineer-to-order, and other environments where customer requirements dictate production – the “product” exists only when an order is placed. To get the detailed and vital cost information needed to set prices and protect margins while covering costs, companies use ImpactECS to establish a robust costing estimating process.


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