ImpactECS for SAP

After making signficant investments in SAP® for product costing, many companies still have a need for flexible analytical tools to build budgets, calculate forecasts and compare scenarios. A versatile business modeling platform that mirrors or expands SAP product costing, ImpactECS makes use of core ERP and business warehouse data like BOMs, routings and activity rates, companies can establish an integrated scenario analysis platform that syncs with SAP product costing requirements.

ImpactECS for SAP® can execute and store an unlimited number of scenarios and compare any set of scenario results side-by-side.


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ImpactECS runs on SAP HANA®
Leverage in-memory database performance to calculate costs and run simulations at speeds much faster than traditional relational databases.
• Leverage data for ImpactECS simulations
• Utilize the reporting platform for SAP HANA to expand access to cost data

Seamless integration supported by certified interface
The SAP Data Integration Module is an SAPAdapter built into ImpactECS based on the Microsoft technology stack and the SAP .net Connector that extracts data from SAP for use in ImpactECS models.
• Run predefined data extraction jobs to pull data from SAP
• Import General Ledger, Product Master, Bill of Material, Routing, Raw Material Master and more

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