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CFO Journal: Why an Emphasis on Cash Flow Forecasting Remains Critical

“Enhancing forecasting can help companies build resilience, address potential liquidity concerns, and avoid falling into distress. It can also be a powerful tool to drive better decisions.”

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CFO Magazine: 49% of Finance Professionals Worry Cash Flow Data is Unreliable: Weekly Stat

“As the economic outlook for the next twelve months continues to be poor, real-time financial data will be “key to survival” according to the survey. Rising pressures on CFOs will result in more data-reliant decision-making.”

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CFO Journal: Improve Working Capital Without Renegotiating Terms

“Working capital process challenges can range from ineffective communications between sales systems and ERPs to inadequate technology training. For example, if the descriptions of products in a company’s sales platform do not align to the back-end billing system, manual intervention will be required to correctly reflect on the invoice what was sold on the purchase order, introducing both delays and the possibility of errors. Meanwhile, ineffective tech training for employees using systems that feed data into reports and dashboards can lead some employees to create workarounds and manual processes that introduce inefficiencies, errors, and—ultimately—inaccurate metrics.”

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CFO Crisis Leadership – Open a War Room

Managing during a crisis takes on a different set of priorities, according to a six-time CFO. “The first — respond as effectively as you can to short-term needs while preserving cash and liquidity. Second, build engagement between finance and procurement teams. And third, ensure efficiency and be more responsive to quickly changing demands and shifting priorities.”

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Risk Strategy for CFOs in a COVID-19 World

CFOs are continually evaluating their risk exposure as unpredictable becomes the new normal. A recent survey from Euler Hermes exposed that 90+% of CFOs predict that the risk strategy in their organizations will change, with significant challenges in managing cash flow. “Many CFOs have a gap in their financial analysis when it comes to customer and customer behavior, particularly at such an unpredictable time as now.”

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