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Real-time Approach to Planning is Critical

“These new realities demand a real-time approach to planning in which financial teams use scenario modeling and simulation tools to plan for a range of possible outcomes. Leveraging external data in volume and drawing on connected intelligence from across the business, finance teams can ask those all-important “what if” questions to identify the best path […]

Better Scenario Planning Helps Companies Benefit During Disruptions

“CFOs will play a key role in determining how various scenarios will impact revenue, the cost structure, the balance sheet, and liquidity. Three key areas can shape how companies prepare for and respond to the uncertain environment ahead: identify new data inputs, model data to understand how the business may behave under different circumstances, and […]

Have You Learned to Importance of Revenue Management?

“Management accountants aspiring to become business partners with others in their organizations need to focus on all the factors affecting profitability – costs, revenues, and investment. Yet revenue management is not a central focus for management accounting systems in most organizations. Traditionally, corporate finance has focused too much on cost management and investment management at […]

CFO Tech Focus on Finance and Accounting Apps

“Finance leaders are focusing on some important — but arguably less glamorous — technologies. In the rankings, finance and accounting software came out on top, followed closely by mobile and cybersecurity techs.” Read more at Brainyard >

Improving Unit Margins

“Pricing to maintain margin is difficult when customer demand is unpredictable, raw material costs are rising and you’re being hit with unforeseen expenses like retrofitting locations for safety. Maintaining an appropriate utilization across the organization and tracking project-by-project profitability helps ensure that your overall gross profit margin as a company stays on track.” Read more […]

Building Transformational FP&A Processes

“The almost instinctive reaction to such crises is to batten down the hatches and tough it out until better times return. Although economic downturns can be severe for both business and individuals such a knee-jerk reaction is seldom the best strategy.” Read more at FP&A Trends >

Transform the Quoting Process for Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing with Cost-Based Quoting

by Matthew Smith For engineer-to-order businesses that manufacture products designed by their customers, the traditional CPQ process does not work. By its very nature, the CPQ process collects a set of pre-defined product options or features (Configure), then sums up the prices for each item selected (Price), and then presents the final pricing to the […]

CFO Priorities for 2021 Includes Digital Transformation

“After surviving the initial wave of the pandemic, many organizations obtained a real-world view of how far along they were in their digital transformation journey. In many cases, the verdict was “not nearly as far as we thought we were.” Although most companies have automated processes, fewer have optimized that automation; fewer still have deployed […]

Raw Material Annual Spending – Is it Relevant for Your Budget?

by Ganesh Subramanyan When calculating the total spend on raw materials in your annual budget, do you evaluate the spending level for varying volume, mix, or inventory assumptions? My guess is no because changes in these areas are irrelevant to the total profits for the year. When budgeting, most calculate gross margin by just subtracting […]