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CFO Magazine: Inflation Pressures Forcing CFOs to Take Action

“Purcell said the tight labor market is increasing Hostess’ labor costs. “When you’re in a tight labor market, you pay overtime, you do things like that, and it’s a dynamic environment. I think the team has done a very good job operating through that environment, but it is something that we’re keeping a sharp eye on,” Purcell said.

So far, Hostess has held the line on profitability. “We feel great about holding margins for the year in a pretty volatile inflationary environment,” Purcell said.”

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Deloitte: Crunch Time Series for CFOs: Finance 2025 Revisited

This Deloitte report re-visits their 8 finance trend predictions for CFOs in 2025:

“Finance will, as predicted, focus more on service, analytics, and business insights, all of which mandate new capabilities. CEOs will continue turning to Finance for an integrated view of business performance, as they did
during the pandemic. Financial planners will need to bake operational components into financial models to assess potential top- and bottom-line impacts—even as the goalposts keep moving.”

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CFO Dive: Transformation Starts with Fixing One Big Tech Problem, Former Oracle CFO Says

“Where much of the value-add comes from today from a technology standpoint is in the specialized applications that surround the ERP, and that’s where finding out where the pain points are, or bringing in a business systems team, can make a difference in how well the CFO tech stack is adding value to the broader organization’s business goals.”

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CFO Dive: Making FP&A Analysts the CFO’s Braintrust

“The goal is to identify levers in each function area that drives that part of the organization’s overall success, put a dollar amount to the levers so leadership can know how much spend will result in how much improved performance, and then course-correct as the metrics rise or fall.”

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CFO Journal: CFOs Hold Varied Roles in Leading, Guiding Transformations

“As sponsors of company transformations, CFOs were most likely to play this role with respect to technology/systems upgrades (56%), strategy/model/offering shifts (48%), and process efficiency/redesign (20%).”

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Forbes: Driving Digital Transformation In Finance And Beyond

“The finance team has continuously redesigned processes to ensure a focus on transformation, versus repeating traditional processes that slow down execution.”

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CFO Magazine: Four Questions CFOs Should Ask Their Supply Chain Leaders

“For CFOs, it is critical to remain engaged in these conversations with their CSCOs and broader supply chain and transportation leadership. This includes making transportation volatility a C-suite-level conversation, capturing growth while controlling costs, ensuring that upstream and downstream collaboration is part of the ongoing strategy to strengthen the value chain, and adapting to a fast-changing environment.”

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CFO Dive: CFOs Substantially Raise Their Growth Expectations

“Nearly all CFOs agreed on the benefit of tech investments. They named changing customer demands (47%) and disruptive technologies (40%) as the top-two drivers for digital transformation…In shepherding those transformation goals across the finish line, 42% of CFOs said their primary role is as co-leader of the transformation; another 19% said they’re a sponsor or enabler, and 16% called themselves leaders.”

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Forbes: The New Essential CFO Skillset

“Over the last fifteen months, the role of the CFO has become significantly more complex. In fact, according to Deloitte’s recent North American “CFO Signals”survey of CFOs in Q1 2021, more than half of respondent CFOs (54%) reported “having higher demands from their executive/leadership teams since the beginning of the pandemic.””

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