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CFO Dive: Unlocking the ‘Right’ Combination to Digital Transformation

“CFOs and their C-suite counterparts are looking to investments in new technology as a means to both place their business in a position adept for growth, while also trimming costs wherever possible.”

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CFO Magazine: 75% of CFOs to Increase Tech Spending Amid Automation Push

“Recent CFO data from the 2023 Outlook Survey revealed three quarters (75%) of CFOs plan to increase capital spend for their finance teams this year. Finance executives, despite wanting to cut costs, are still looking to increase technology spend and use.”

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CFO Magazine: 3 CFO Trends to Watch in 2023

“Businesses are preparing to face these headwinds by strengthening systems and pursuing the flexibility created by digital transformation.”

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CFO Dive: CFOs Zero In On Digital Transformation

“”What they’re prioritizing is really maturing that FP&A function, getting FP&A-specific tools to platform their planning and budgeting.””

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CFO Dive: Inflation Pushes CFO Digital Investments

“In order to meet their goals of agility and resilience at their firms, as well as develop a “future-ready” finance function, CFOs “must adopt an end-to-end approach toward transformation in order to drive business growth, optimize stakeholder experience and scale business initiatives over the long-term,” Keshav R. Murugesh, group CEO for WNS said in a statement.”

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CFO Magazine: A CFO’s Guide to Business Transformation

“Inconsistency across an organization may not seem to be problematic if tasks get completed, but lack of standardization may mask larger issues.  For instance, inconsistent financial processes and cost coding can provide results that cannot be consolidated and compared without significant effort. Standardizing processes and technology is less confusing for employees, and also ensures external stakeholders have a consistent approach.”

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Harvard Business Review: 3 Stages of a Successful Digital Transformation

The key to more successful digital transformation is to not skip ahead: Start with step one and invest the focus and resources to get it right. Growing your organization’s digital maturity through the digital transformation corporate learning curve will increase your chances of success.”

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CFO Journal: CFOs Weigh Investing in Supply Chain Resilience

“Many technological tools can help boost resilience, but companies should find those that best suit their needs. Some CFOs may decide they would benefit from real-time visibility into inventory levels. Others may start using blockchain to track products or begin leveraging predictive analytics to model different scenarios.”

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CFO Journal: Automated Financial Forecasting: Upgrading Talent Models

“Functional finance expertise alone is not enough. To architect a finance function to achieve continuous forecasting, it is critical for the CFO to instill a bias for data-based decision making, continuous improvement of data and predictive models, and a passion for technology enablement.”

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