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Employ Strategies to Turn Around Business Performance

“Explore strategic options under a “no-constraint rule”. Many finance business partners were not able to get the best ideas out of their key internal stakeholders because many gave strategic options vis-à-vis the resources the business had. Suggestions for turning around the operations become constrained by the resources these stakeholders thought they had or could deploy […]

Digital transformation programs need the right talent to success

“Success [for digital transformation programs] requires bringing together and coordinating a far greater range of effort than most leaders appreciate. A poor showing in any one of four inter-related domains — technology, data, process, or organizational change capability — can scuttle an otherwise well-conceived transformation. The really important stuff, from creating and communicating a compelling […]

COVID-19 Affects on Manufacturers

“We learned that some manufacturers wish they had put more thought and effort into the digital transformation prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. But many of these companies have since adapted and are now adding new digital technologies and digitally enabled solutions as opportunities arise. The ability to readily share and analyze operations and supply chain […]

Are You Really Data-Driven?

“Being a data-driven organization takes more than great technology and quality data. Like other aspects of digital transformation, it requires the right internal processes and culture — where the business properly guides incentives and takes steps to ensure that data is driving decisions appropriately. Failing to do this can lead to data misuse, which can […]

Modeling Through the Current Crisis

“Creating financial and operating models is critical to creating alignment across the enterprise, and FP&A professionals are making numerous scenarios to understand actions, impacts and options. FP&A professionals have a sober view of the duration of this crisis, with 66% creating financial models that assume the crisis will last for three quarters or more. This […]

Six Considerations for CFOs Managing Through COVID-19

“Downturns and recessions are challenging, but some businesses are not only able to come out intact, they are also able to seize opportunities to outdistance their competition and position themselves for future growth. Still, the speed at which the COVID-19 crisis is unfolding may likely require CFOs to use new tools — virtualization and scenario-based […]

CFOs Need Models to Understand How Shifting Customer Needs Affects Resources

“One of the quirks of the downturn in retail has been an increase in shirt sales while pant sales have dropped, presumably because people participating in video conferences while working from home are paying more attention to their appearance from the waist up. Whatever the reason behind the trend, CFOs can model that kind of […]

Can Your Analytics Program Handle a Downturn?

“Here are two thoughts that are useful for calibrating analysis: (1) An analytics system is only as good as the analysts and the sophistication of the toolsets they employ. (2) A truly next-gen analytics program must encourage analysts to take advantage of the technology tools they now have at their disposal.” Read more at CFO.com […]

CFOs See Technology as Growing Share of Smaller Budgets

“Our data shows strong growth in the adoption of cloud-based core finance applications,” said Nilly Essaides, senior research director, finance & EPM, The Hackett Group. “And the encouraging news is that more than 70% of the finance functions that have adopted cloud-based solutions have been able to realize or exceed their business [objectives].” Read more […]