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Better Scenario Planning Helps Companies Benefit During Disruptions

“CFOs will play a key role in determining how various scenarios will impact revenue, the cost structure, the balance sheet, and liquidity. Three key areas can shape how companies prepare for and respond to the uncertain environment ahead: identify new data inputs, model data to understand how the business may behave under different circumstances, and […]

U.S. Poultry & Egg Association 2020 Financial Management Seminar

Join us and the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association to get informed on the most impactful topics for financial management in the “most innovative and progressive segment of animal agriculture”. “The Financial Management Seminar ensures that industry financial managers stay informed of accounting practices and tax laws that affect the industry. The seminar also previews current […]

The Value of Continuous Accounting for Business

“Many senior finance executives want their department to play a more strategic role in the management and operations of their company. They believe there is value in shifting their focus from processing transactions to higher-value functions in order to be able to make more substantial contributions to the success of the organization. Continuous accounting can […]

A Futurist’s Framework For Strategic Planning

When it comes to long-term planning, many FP&A professionals should be able to answer these questions: Where do you want to have impact? What it will take to achieve success? How will the organization evolve to meet challenges on the horizon? These questions are the foundation for any achievable plan, both long and short term. Many […]

Increasing Profits with Mid-Year Adjustments

Mid-year adjustments to business plans help many companies improve their tactics while staying on track with long-term initiatives. While many businesses only have impromptu approaches to adjusting business plans, a more structured approach provides flexibility and focuses concentration on the right levers of profitability. Checking in on mid-year financials allows executives and decision makers to […]

Intelligent Scenario Planning with Advanced Analytics

Nobody understands Robert Burns’ quote, “The best laid plans often go awry,” like modern business leaders. When it comes to financial planning, finance teams need the ability to assess and adjust plans when they go off course. Intelligent planning starts with analysis of past results to help determine where is business is going, and measure […]

Nine Essential Steps for Strategic Planning

All corporate functions do strategic planning, but few do it well. Strategic planning is critical for forward-looking organizations, but short-term planning activities often leave little time to pursue long-term strategy. The mission for business leaders is to identify initiatives that will drive enterprise growth ambitions, and unlock the capacity (time, budget, talent and technology) needed to […]

Intelligent Technologies Are Re-shaping the Future of Business

Technology is shaping the future of how businesses operate. Digital transformation and the rise of intelligent technologies are driving business leaders to shift from managing technology to delivering more creative and strategic business outcomes. An organization’s technology vision comprises four components: the future of work, strategic technology investments, risk and resiliency, and technology operating model […]

Modern FP&A Leaders Need to Upgrade Their Playbook

“In a world of digital transformation and constant disruption, analysis must keep pace with queries that will change midstream and anticipate questions that have yet to be asked, but should be.”  The ability to turn around insightful analysis in a timely manner is key to being seen as a modern business. To remain competitive, mature […]