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CFO Magazine: The CFO’s Changing Role: 5 Data Points from the 2023 CFO Outlook Survey

Only 7% of respondents reported that the benefit of their CFO’s best skillset is scenario planning and forecasting.

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CFO Insights: Why CFOs are Moving Toward a More Dynamic Finance Function

“Embedding the finance function with enough speed, strength, and flexibility to adapt—despite what uncertainty may arise—can turn a traditional support function into a competitive advantage. A streamlined, adaptable finance function can enable an enterprise to capitalize on disruption-generated opportunities, helping the business advance its goals while rivals are still struggling to react.”

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Harvard Business Review: 3 Stages of a Successful Digital Transformation

The key to more successful digital transformation is to not skip ahead: Start with step one and invest the focus and resources to get it right. Growing your organization’s digital maturity through the digital transformation corporate learning curve will increase your chances of success.”

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FP&A Trends: Reinventing FP&A: FP&A Analysts

“In the past, all an analyst needed to know was Excel. But as data volumes increased and multidimensional technology evolved, analysts had new tools to analyse data from different perspectives, identify time-series trends, and set up alerts when values exceeded set parameters. As analytic technology matured, statistical techniques were embedded into applications that allowed simple forms of correlation which could then be used to build driver-based models to predict future events. All are still within the capabilities of the average accountant.”

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CFO Insights: Welcome to the “no normal”: Exploring The Transformation Myth

“Long a core strategic financial and planning capability, scenario planning has regained currency in an ultra-dynamic environment. By applying digital intelligence to scenarios, they are no longer static renderings that CFOs file away, only to resurrect them if a company stumbles on a serious threat.”

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CFO Journal: How CFOs Can Drive More Value Through IT

“In the not-so-distant past, finance leaders typically played a limited role in IT, periodically huddling with CIOs to scrutinize the figures in proposed initiatives or budgets. The discussion has now expanded into an ongoing conversation about how best to leverage tech spending to support the company’s strategic goals. That changing dynamic mirrors the critical role technology now plays in the enterprise, driving value and sharpening competitive advantage.”

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CFO Journal: 7 Principles of Dynamic Finance

“Leverage modern, compatible, and continuously updating platforms that can transform and scale with the business. Take advantage of platforms that regularly evolve to bring new capabilities to finance.”

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Forbes: The CFO As Catalyst For Digital Transformation

“Having fundamental accounting skills and a sound financial background are still important skills for our finance employees. Beyond that are increasing demands for digital and technology knowledge. Data analytics, for example, is increasingly important to provide insights that help us be more strategic partners to the business.”

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CFO Magazine: 3 Hurdles to Moving on From Excel

“But Excel does not always deliver what finance needs at a time when organizations are moving away from manual tasks and siloed data.”

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