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Forbes: The Power Of Storytelling In The Finance Function

“We are in the era of big data and in every organization and in every finance team you will have the opportunity to work with data. You will have to inform, guide and lead your business. I have no doubt that in the role of business partner many CFOs will be responsible for a majority of the data transformations.”

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SF Magazine: CFO to CFO: How Finance Leads Change Management

“Technology is at the heart of what’s needed to deliver the change. Step back and ask the question, “What is it that is critically important in any business for enabling transformational change from a data and analytics perspective?” The answer would be access to accurate and granular data, along with timely and insightful reporting. Technology today has solutions and tools that allow for the efficient management and processing of the vast data pools that exist across disparate systems.”

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CFO Dive: How CFOs’ Digital Conservatism Hinders Progress

“More than 4 in 5 (84%) of Gartner clients said finance should be ‘digital by default’…Yet when it comes to implementing digital technology, nearly three quarters of CFOs said their teams are too cautious.”

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SF Magazine: Finance and Accounting in the Virtual World

“Accountants tend to be underappreciated by the business. But when the most tedious, time-consuming processes are automated, they finally have the opportunity to showcase their value. As they begin driving business outcomes instead of reporting on what happened four weeks ago, they’re more likely to garner recognition.”

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