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CFO Dive: Just 30% of CFO-CIO Relationships are ‘Collegial’: Gartner

“There are a number of steps that CFOs and CIOs can take to work better together, Rathindran said. For example, CIOs can have more empathy for the earnings targets that CFOs must hit, while CFOs could show more empathy for why an iterative approach to funding and executing digital projects is needed, he said.”

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CFO Magazine: Data Integration Drives Successful Mergers

“It’s far too easy for a deal to fail without a data integration game plan because of disparate data and disconnected systems. However, choosing the right approach to data integration depends on several variables, including available resources, timelines, and complexity, to name just a few.”

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CFO Magazine: Growing Pains: Stuck on Excel

“But “Excel is not a good tool when you’re seeking to coordinate the operation of a multinational company,” said Bruce Lynn, managing partner of The Financial Executives Consulting Group (FECG). “I have my spreadsheet, you have your spreadsheet, everybody else has their spreadsheets, and none of them talk to each other.”

Still, many finance departments are reluctant to let go of Excel even when more powerful purpose-built applications are available.”

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FP&A Trends: Financial Planning and Analysis: Relevant, Reliable and Agile

“Scenario Planning is key, but it needs to be predicated on the right business drivers, run at the right frequency, and address the right business questions.”

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