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Rethinking the Business Planning Process

“Many plans and budgets are now based on outdated assumptions and data, requiring FP&A teams to rethink the annual business planning process. Discussions with FP&A leaders, CFOs, and Deloitte’s Finance Transformation and Human Capital professionals, suggest several factors have led leaders to challenge the traditional process, including the need for constant scenario development and modeling; a lack of confidence in future projections; the urgent requirement for decisions about courses of action; an unclear decision-making framework, particularly around capital allocation; and time-and resource-consuming manual iteration.”

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Digital and Analytics Key for Consumer Goods Firms

“Digital and analytics programs are no longer optional. Companies can’t compete effectively in today’s business environment without harnessing the power and potential of these technologies. Scaling them—so that they work their magic across the entire organization instead of in small pockets—will be increasingly crucial to improving total shareholder returns and sustaining competitive advantage.”

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Real-time Approach to Planning is Critical

“These new realities demand a real-time approach to planning in which financial teams use scenario modeling and simulation tools to plan for a range of possible outcomes. Leveraging external data in volume and drawing on connected intelligence from across the business, finance teams can ask those all-important “what if” questions to identify the best path forward.”

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The Role of Data Analytics

“The broad reach and wide applicability of data analytics across industries and professions have been known for decades, but the essential role of data analytics in delivering a competitive advantage to businesses, efficiently enhancing value delivery, and revolutionizing the role of business professionals is now undisputed. Even more, the enormity of the impact data analytics can have in times of crisis is nearly unparalleled, as evidenced by its contribution to progress during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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