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CFO Insights: How CFOs Can Rise to Meet the Challenge of Soaring Inflation

“According to one Deloitte analysis, the rewards of price increases often outweigh the risks. The analysis found that if a company with 35% gross margins raises prices by 5%, the company’s sales volume would need to fall by more than 12.5% for the price hike to impact contribution margin negatively. Of course, some competitors will likely hold the line on price increases to gain market share.”

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FP&A Trends: Skills of the Future: How to Build Best-in-Class FP&A Teams

The Architect: is responsible for building the bridges between raw data, key business drivers, and driver-based models into actionable insights that help make business decisions.”

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CFO Dive: CFOs Flag Staffing, Digital Transformation as Top Growth Challenges

“Companies with more resources or more established financial teams are more likely to focus on digital transformation, however. The study found 47% percent of firms with between $51 million to $100 million in annual revenue, stated digital transformation was a top challenge when it came to fostering future growth.”

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CFO Journal: 3 Dynamic Finance Scenarios for CFOs

“The principles of Dynamic Finance can help finance transform from business function to dynamic capability—while still performing its steward and operator duties—for adapting to external forces with speed, strength, stability, and flexibility.”

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