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CFO Journal: Navigating a Better Route to Supply Chain Resilience

“By applying the framework of risk-adjusted cost optimization to their decisions, CFOs can simultaneously increase the supply chain’s resilience—and boost their own.”

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SF Magazine: Data as a Strategic Asset

“As accounting leaders, we must actively contribute to the discussions around data management, valuation of data, and recognition of enterprise data value as an asset on the financial reports. We must focus on providing value by producing high-quality, data-driven insights through applying data analytics to ensure organizational success.”

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SF Magazine: Financial Forecasting Amid COVID-19

“Companies are missing opportunities to grow revenue and improve margins by approaching the data they collect too narrowly.”

Here are “three steps to move toward dynamic planning”:

  1. Democratize your data
  2. Bring financial data into operations
  3. Bring financial data into strategy

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CFO Journal: What Are Your Supply Chain’s Weakest Links?

Duties that CFOs are having to take responsibility for in relation to their company’s supply chain have been on the rise after a year of an unpredictable supply chain. Here are some things that will take precedent so that CFOs can keep up and prepare to identify critical bottlenecks and prepare for long-term disruptions:

  1. Supporting the supply chain function
  2. Improving supplier data collection
  3. Upgrading metrics
  4. Creating a playbook

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