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Gartner’s Top Five CFO Initiatives for $1B+ Companies

The recent Gartner for Finance survey shares the top five initiatives CFOs of $1B+ companies are prioritizing in 2020: Finance analytics, Finance organization strategy and structure, Finance technology optimization, Growth investments, and Cost structure. Digging deeper into finance analytics, survey respondents felt that insufficient skills for advanced analytics was their top challenge.

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Analytics = Preparedness

Is your organization ready for a downturn?

“In today’s analytics landscape, details are less important than trends. A trend line allows prediction and, ultimately, the foresight to act. Analysts must be coached to assign confidence to a trend line and recommend action early. One might posit that a timid analyst with a modern-day toolset is as unfortunate as a Ferrari with a driver riding the brake.”

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AFPs Eight Steps to Rolling Forecasts

With more organizations shifting from traditional budgeting to rolling forecasts, The Association for Financial Professionals has shared their list of 8 steps to help finance teams avoid missteps at every stage from goal setting to tracking performance.

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CFO Trends for 2020

CFO Dive shares it’s list of five trends for CFOs to watch in 2020, including the insight that more finance operations will move to a rolling forecast. By enacting this trend, it creates a “rolling time horizon [that] enables executives to make decisions based on market dynamics rather than an artificial target”.

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