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CFO Magazine: Labor Shortage and Supply Disruptions Weighed on CFOs in Q3

“Most chief financial officers also reported that their firms were experiencing supply chain disruptions that they expect to last into 2022 or later. Fewer than 10% of those surveyed said they anticipated the troubles to be resolved by the end of the year.”

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CFO Journal: Look Beyond Direct Suppliers to Procure New Savings

“Despite the ongoing quest many CFOs have undertaken to turn the procurement function from a cost center into a source of value, optimizing indirect spend all too often is lower on the priority list. But CFOs and CPOs can collaborate to gain control over such spending —and now is a propitious time to do it.”

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CFO Journal: Supply Chain Snarls Throw a Double Punch to Costs and Sales

“Among surveyed CFOs, 44% report that supply chain shortages or delays increased their companies’ costs by 5% or more. Nearly one-third (32%) note that their 2021 sales have fallen due to delays or shortages, with 28% expecting future sales this year to suffer. More than two-thirds of respondents (69%) indicate that their supply chains would become more diversified over the next three years, with 23% expecting greater vertical integration of their supply chains.”

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CFO Journal: It’s Time for a Controllership Reboot

“The pandemic brought with it an unpredictable global environment and uncertain future. This decreased the value of historical financial reporting while increasing the need for real-time reporting, including data analysis, and predictive forecasting. Finding new ways to leverage real-time data and new forecast models, controllership could manage against multiple views and plausible scenarios to remain agile and resilient against an unpredictable future.”

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