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CFO Journal: Technology Budgets Shift to Reflect Pandemic-Era Priorities

“By exposing major supply chain weaknesses, including demand surges and drops, reduced productivity, raw material shortages, and storage and product handling issues, COVID-19 became a surprise catalyst for the adoption of resilient supply chain analysis and management solutions.”

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SF Magazine: Procurement’s New Charter

“The journey to automate procurement processes isn’t an easy one. In the survey, 92% of respondents described the digital maturity of their existing supplier management processes as “less than best-in-class.” Approximately 13% admitted to still using legacy systems such as email, spreadsheets, and offline document repositories, resulting in countless hours of manual work to piece together fragmented data—a task truly meant for automation rather than human hands.”

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IndustryWeek: Mission Accepted: Deploying Digital Transformation

“The responses to the 2020 IndustryWeek Technology Survey painted a clear picture – manufacturers last year truly accepted the importance of undergoing a digital transformation. To be clear, it’s not that manufacturers didn’t understand the need pre-pandemic, but the impetus to intensify the journey was noticeably absent. It’s not anymore”

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CFO Journal: Built-to-Evolve Data Can Help Transform Finance

“A finance data model or enterprise information model transforms a generic ERP package into a specific structure to fit an organization’s business needs. Ideally, such a model would be tailored to the organization’s business activities and priorities while still allowing flexibility for new product launches, reorganizations, or acquisitions. A complex, layered, and well-defined enterprise information model can provide the business with flexible reporting, harmonized transaction processing, business model agility, and expanded views of transactions and profitability.”

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