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CFO Dive: FP&A in Spreadsheets: When ‘that’s how it’s always been done’ Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

“But spreadsheets on their own are indeed broken – or at the very least, they add to the likelihood that something will eventually break. Try as we might to ignore their shortcomings, without fail we’re confronted with the limitations of spreadsheets on a regular basis. And at a certain point, the burden of managing and maintaining spreadsheets outweighs the mild benefits of sticking with the status quo.”

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FP&A Trends: An Annual Plan Is A Map. A Rolling Forecast is A GPS.

“The only way for companies to navigate forward and still achieve existing goals — including simple survival — would be exploring multiple potential changes and building various scenarios to prepare a range of decision-making paths through newly uncertain terrain.”

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Forbes: The CFO As Catalyst For Digital Transformation

“Having fundamental accounting skills and a sound financial background are still important skills for our finance employees. Beyond that are increasing demands for digital and technology knowledge. Data analytics, for example, is increasingly important to provide insights that help us be more strategic partners to the business.”

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CFO Magazine: 6 Areas CFOs Should Support to Build Business Resilience

“To make informed decisions related to inventory, business expenses, hiring, capital investments, and other areas, management needs clear insight into financial performance. Even if your reporting is timely and accurate, are you providing the right insights and analysis to run the business? For example, if you’ve recently expanded globally, are you providing analysis by country or region? Or are you still setting budgets and presenting results as a total group?”

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