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CFO Magazine: 91% of CFOs Concerned with Hitting Sales Forecasts: Weekly Stat

“Using technology for accurate decision-making is paramount for any finance executive looking to overcome both the short- and long-term consequences of a recession. With nearly half (46%) of CFOs telling Coupa they lack visibility into company spending data, a proper tech stack’s value to any CFO is continuing to become a requirement for success.”

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CFO Magazine: 75% of CFOs to Increase Tech Spending Amid Automation Push

“Recent CFO data from the 2023 Outlook Survey revealed three quarters (75%) of CFOs plan to increase capital spend for their finance teams this year. Finance executives, despite wanting to cut costs, are still looking to increase technology spend and use.”

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CFO Journal: Why an Emphasis on Cash Flow Forecasting Remains Critical

“Enhancing forecasting can help companies build resilience, address potential liquidity concerns, and avoid falling into distress. It can also be a powerful tool to drive better decisions.”

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Forbes: The CFO As Change Manager: Mastering The 21st Century Finance Role

“All businesses are becoming digital businesses and CFOs need to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Two areas of personal interest to me are data analytics and process automation.”

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