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CFO Magazine: A CFO’s Guide to Business Transformation

“Inconsistency across an organization may not seem to be problematic if tasks get completed, but lack of standardization may mask larger issues.  For instance, inconsistent financial processes and cost coding can provide results that cannot be consolidated and compared without significant effort. Standardizing processes and technology is less confusing for employees, and also ensures external stakeholders have a consistent approach.”

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Harvard Business Review: 3 Stages of a Successful Digital Transformation

The key to more successful digital transformation is to not skip ahead: Start with step one and invest the focus and resources to get it right. Growing your organization’s digital maturity through the digital transformation corporate learning curve will increase your chances of success.”

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CFO Insights: Finance 2025: Looking Ahead With the Benefit of Hindsight

Does your company have a streamlined finance data infrastructure that can help you take advantage of advanced technologies and deliver insights? Finance data serves as a core foundational component of other accelerants, such as extracting an increasingly sophisticated level of business insights that can drive corporate strategy and are also relevant to stakeholders. This will require a comprehensive driver-based data architecture that tells the full back story and doesn’t just report on the outcomes without the underlying causes.”

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CFO Insights: Revolutionizing Reporting in the Digital Age

“Real-time reporting will arrive when all aspects of the reporting process become automated and streamlined. The big barriers today are data quality and latency. Fortunately, the future of reporting holds real promise for companies that want to take advantage of it. Automation helps simplify and streamline data management because data used in reporting is no longer prepared for analysis manually. The software does that work.”

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