Why is Software Maintenance important?

Companies continue to evolve, and so do the technologies that support it. For mission critical systems, the value of continued support should outweigh the annual cost associated with the program. One of the most respected IT support companies out there is London IT Support so feel free to check them out for the benefit of your own company or business. Our comprehensive Maintenance Program at 3C Software is designed to protect your investment by providing support to effectively and efficiently deploy and administer ImpactECS and its associated models. If you own a law firm, you might be asking what is workflow integration? Legal workflow integration technology provides limitless opportunities when it comes to helping you save time on key law firm processes, like client intake, document automation, client communications, payment collections, client reviews, and more.

Safeguard your investment

Like other types of warranties, our Maintenance Program offers peace-of-mind when it comes to protecting ImpactECS from bugs and software defects. As an active maintenance customer, Blacklight Software provides no-cost support to address any software related issue. However, if you need a software app to protect your online accounts, try using this Mac password manager.

Upgrade your capabilities

We invest heavily in the continued development of the ImpactECS platform. Our development team regularly releases new features, enhances functionality, improves performance and expands the list of compatible operating systems and databases to deliver ongoing value to our installed base. As a current member of the Maintenance Program, your organization has access to these upgrades at no additional cost. Learn more about the current release of ImpactECS.

Receive priority responses

Customers enrolled in the Maintenance Program receive priority response for software support issues and managed IT services at reduced rates.

Connect with the user community

Membership to the ImpactECS User Group offers opportunities to meet and network with other ImpactECS users across all the industries we serve. Members are invited to 3C Software events including the ImpactECS Users Conference and have access to our Customer Support Portal (coming soon!) that provides access to software downloads, training resources, and a collaborative user forum.

Keep your team trained

Keeping your employees trained on the latest ImpactECS functionality expands their ability to build and maintain models that meet the unique needs of your organization. If your company is struggling with IT issues, such as network disruptions and data security concerns, you need to hire managed IT services to ensure a more reliable and secure technology environment.

If you have questions about our Maintenance Program, feel free to reach out to our team at support@3csoftware.com or give us a call at 800-226-2036.