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McKinsey: Data Governance is Critical to Capturing Value Through Analytics

“Without quality-assuring governance, companies not only miss out on data-driven opportunities; they waste resources. Data processing and cleanup can consume more than half of an analytics team’s time, including that of highly paid data scientists, which limits scalability and frustrates employees. Indeed, the productivity of employees across the organization can suffer: respondents to our 2019 […]

The Hard Truth About Traditional Data Management

Customers don’t care about your infrastructure or data problems. They just want your organization to know who they are, what they ordered and how to fix their problems. At the same time, businesses want technology to help build great customer experiences while driving to a lower cost structure and making the products they build better […]

Six Common Data Management Mistakes That Manufacturers Make

“All too often, companies execute a data management strategy without understanding how it fits into the overall business strategy.” Data alone has the power to make or break a company, depending on how it’s used. The manufacturing industry is changing with evolving technology and businesses are relying on their data to stay competitive. With increasing […]

Data-Driven Decision-Making is Fueling a Competitive Advantage

Many companies have adapted to a “data-driven” approach for operational decision-making. Data can improve decisions, but it requires the right platform to get the most from it. The rapid adoption of intelligent technologies in today’s marketplace has completely turned decision-making practices on their heads. Traditionally, businesses depend on everyone’s opinion before making big decisions. However, […]

Intelligent Technologies Are Revolutionizing Finance In Midsize Businesses

Midsize businesses across virtually every industry are actively adopting new technologies to drive better insights that support business strategy. However, recent IDC research suggests that only 50.2% of best-run midsize companies are supported by finance organizations that understand the power of data when ensuring timeliness, accuracy, and insight. Additionally, the research found that the biggest challenge for best-run […]

Success is Utilizing the Right Data – Not Just Owning It

“No matter how much data is fed to machine learning and predictive analytics tools, the key is deciding which outputs are useful and how to act on them.” When it comes to implementing new technologies, many businesses go through what Gartner calls a “hype cycle”- where the initial implementation is a period of inflated expectations […]

Better Business Decisions Come From Effective Data Visualization

Data visualization can greatly improve finance’s ability to view how the business is performing by providing access to key metrics, KPIs, forecasts, and other critical information that can aid decision-making and help each function chart effective courses of action. However, those goals depend heavily on quality data. Thanks to an expanding array of analytics tools […]

Growing Businesses Are Leveraging Data & Analytics For Long-Term Success

“Mid-size financial services providers are working continuously to improve their risk models because the more accurate their assessment of risk, the better their chances of profitability. Mid-size manufacturers worldwide are increasingly looking into the causes of quality fluctuations by combining “what if?” analysis with sensitivity analysis and predictive models.” Data and analytics deliver major benefits […]

How Insights Drive Data-Driven Accounting

Businesses use data to understand how the business is performing, to manage operations, and to make key business decisions. With the accelerating pace of business today, accurate, up-to-date data is more essential than ever. Finance leaders need operational and performance data to know how their department is performing, to efficiently manage their operations, and to […]