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Building Transformational FP&A Processes

“The almost instinctive reaction to such crises is to batten down the hatches and tough it out until better times return. Although economic downturns can be severe for both business and individuals such a knee-jerk reaction is seldom the best strategy.” Read more at FP&A Trends >

Can Your Analytics Program Handle a Downturn?

“Here are two thoughts that are useful for calibrating analysis: (1) An analytics system is only as good as the analysts and the sophistication of the toolsets they employ. (2) A truly next-gen analytics program must encourage analysts to take advantage of the technology tools they now have at their disposal.” Read more at CFO.com […]

The Art of War: How Successful Manufacturers Arm Their Business with Analytics

Similar to martial arts, business success is all about perspective. Instead of focusing on the capabilities their organization lacks, business leaders should understand what they can do with what they have. First, they must find the tools that best-fit their business. Smart leaders arm their company with analytics and machine learning that provide critical insights […]

IT and Finance Collaboration is the Key to Unlocking Powerful Business Analytics

Business leaders aim to make decisions faster and more accurately through automation and predictive modeling. Tools, technological innovation, and increasingly powerful business insights are readily available everywhere. However, a business only gets out of their technologies what the tool is actually capable of giving them. Decision makers must choose a platform that best fits their […]

How CFOs Are Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Business Decisions

 “CFOs can play a prominent role in building and managing their organization’s analytics capabilities, especially given new tools that allow organizations to use analytics for predictive or prescriptive purposes and improve decisions around planning, capital allocation, investments, M&A and other areas.” It is important for businesses to look beyond typical reporting and descriptive analytics for […]